Volkswagen Henzhao ThIs Is to lower it? Actually been reduced from 220 000 145 000, Is thIs really

It Is to be under the Volkswagen Henzhao it? Actually been reduced from 220 000 145 000, Is thIs really the

With U.S.’s rapid economic development, U.S.’s Automotive industry Is the development of more increasingly rapidly, and our sales market can be said to be changing, there may be one second want on your opponent and you fight technology, and the next second you can fight a price war, could you still all kinds of things and upset! Xiao Bian today recommended for everyone thIs motorcycle Is Tiguan Volkswagen Group L, we may not know the Volkswagen Group to the bike from 220,000 down to 145,000 yuan breath, gas its rivals Ang Kewei I want to go jump out! ThIs problem can be said to be correct

L of thIs Car Volkswagen Tiguan Is a very strong comprehensive ability SUV type Car, the appearance of the above, thIs Car Volkswagen Group uses the latest design, a design similar to that of the dot matrix network solutions, and in that very atmosphere coupled with the front face of the line, in the appearance of the above, thIs Car Is very atmospheric, high version LED lamp set mass transit concept L lamps are used, while the majority of the hernia headlight low version Is used. Of course, thIs depends on which version you choose yourself, turnip cabbage all have love it!

Let us look at thIs side of the Car, the side there Is nothing unique place, but thIs Is mainly targeting Cars practical performance, and body length width and height than the version sold overseas a lot longer, are up to 4.712 m, 1.839 m and 1.673 m, the dIstance between the axIs reached 2.791 meters, and if we enter the interior of thIs Car, you Will feel thIs the Car space Is still very large, the sense of space Is a good Car!

Let us look into the internal point of view! Within the above Aung mass transit Is still used in traditional and popular style, looks very simple, giving a very simple beauty! In the interior configuration above, let us look together. In the control design with a black hard material, selected materials side, so that we can be very assured, absolutely no quality problems!

In the above power, thIs Car Is better, now using 2.0T turbocharged engine, but with a seven-speed gearbox, but also Some models also feature four-wheel drive used for all of us Is still very good, and the price Is affordable, Is a very worthy of our trust in the Car!