Volkswagen headquarters was raided again

huayun Network December 4 SAN FRANCISCO, December 4, according to “Automotive News Europe” report, for the mass of diesel emIssions scandal, the German public prosecutors Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany the headquarters were raided, it Is the public since the “dIscharge” incident broke out suffered the latest survey.

Prosecutors said the search Is intended to confIscate part of the file. However, the survey claimed that public action unfounded, the company has been fully cooperating with the investigation authorities.

VW said the raids and a survey of EA 288 diesel vehicles related to its regIstration authority has been revealed about the new investigation the core problem – Is aimed at individual employees.

Volkswagen added that the raids and to investigate EA 288 diesel vehicles related to engine type. The engine Is a follow-up model EA 189, EA 189 diesel engine Is a diesel emIssions testing scandal because of manipulation of the core Volkswagen.

2015 Volkswagen admitted cheating in the US diesel engine emIssions testing. When simulated diesel fuel filter fails, EA 288 engine installed in a vehicle not only does not reflect the situation, even still shows emIssions standard. But the public insIsts that no illegal EA 288 engine emIssion reduction devices installed.

VW represents, in the simulation, the EA 288 mounted engine vehicle does not show a diesel filter failure, but still meet emIssions limits.

When the scandal broke, there are around 11 million vehicles have the above-mentioned illegal software. So far, the company has to pay a fine of about 30 billion euros ($ 33bn), the vehicle modification and legal costs, but also triggered a global boycott of diesel vehicles.