Volkswagen has stalls thing! “Carcinogenic door” Is not over, and the “spontaneous combustion door”!

Volkswagen status in the minds of people has been very high, but in recent years, Volkswagen has frequently arIse some problems, for example, a few years ago “off-axIs door” and burning oil and other Issues. And more recently because electric vehicles contain Carcinogens, there has been “Carcinogenic door.” And recently, Volkswagen has a very serious problem, Volkswagen decided to recall 700,000 of the SUV.

at No. 20 thIs month, Volkswagen manufacturers decided to recall 700,000 of the world’s SUV. ThIs 700,000 Cars, because of what the reasons were recalled it? Volkswagen announced that: ThIs 700,000 SUV with a roof light that might get wet, once the moIsture Is likely to cause a short circuit, causing the Car ignition occurs. Volkswagen has stalls thing! “Carcinogenic door” Is not over, and the “spontaneous combustion door”! And now, for the Issue of Volkswagen we have not found a good solution, but Volkswagen companies are actively seeking solutions.

For now, the owner can still continue to use these vehicles. If you find that the Car has a short-circuit phenomenon, for example, lights in the Car phenomenon Is not working, or can smell the interior of the Car clear of pills only to dIscover, then you need to immediately bound 4S shop, let the staff for inspection .

The Volkswagen recall does not include only domestic models, in Germany there are about more than 50,000 vehicles affected. In fact, Volkswagen early on a lot of problems in 2015, but sales of Volkswagen has been on the rIse.

As a well-known international brands of frequent, some quality problems Is that many consumers can not accept. But in recent years, Volkswagen Is cutting corners in the quality of the above. Volkswagen has a “spontaneous combustion door”! 700,000 recalled Cars, Volkswagen can buy it? If thIs situation does not make a change, in the case of progressive domestic Cars, Volkswagen difficult to ensure their leading position, Is likely to be replaced by a large number of U.S.-made color.

as well as you think necessary Volkswagen now buy it?