Volkswagen Group (USA) Smart City project located in Hefei

yesterday, witnessed by Mr. Li Jinbin Anhui Provincial Party Secretary and Chairman of the Volkswagen Group management Dr. Dong Shihui Judith (Dr. Herbert Diess), the Volkswagen Group (USA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Plaza hand in hand drive smart Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “leIsurely drive smart”), and the people’s government of Hefei and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JAC”), it Is located in Hefei, Anhui smart city project in Barcelona, ​​Spain signed a strategic cooperation Framework Agreement. The Smart City project aims to improve the quality of government services and public well-being in Hefei, Hefei help a world-class smart city, but also Will provide more in research and development of new technologies, new business models validation and product innovation in areas such as Volkswagen Group the opportunity to further consolidate its leading position in the domestic Auto market.

As a representative of the parties to thIs cooperation, Hefei Municipal Government Mayor Ms. Lingyun, Mr. Amgen Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Volkswagen Group (USA) CEO Feng Sihan (USA), Executive Vice president Dr. (Dr. Stephan W? llenstein) and Volkswagen Group, intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Yi driving CEO Su Weiming (Mr. Weiming Soh) attended the signing ceremony.

The Volkswagen Group (USA) CEO Pingsi Han said: “ThIs partnership marks the Volkswagen Group (USA) Smart City project made important progress, and Will help to become a world-class advanced Hefei city. focus on the future, we Will be motorized, interoperability, sharing travel, wIsdom travel areas Autopilot, etc. strive to the forefront, leading the development of mobile travel a new era. “

as Volkswagen an important force (USA) in the field of intelligence group travel, Yi smart drive Will play an important role in thIs cooperation, the networking in the Car, as well as the wIsdom of travel Autopilot intelligent network-linked vehicles, “travel as a service (MaaS)” include the development of , implementation and operational aspects play a crucial role.

(USA), executive vice president of Volkswagen Group, Yi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Soh drive, said: “We are experiencing fundamental changes in social life, witnessed the shared travel, Automatic driveAnd many other cutting-edge technology to different aspects of everyday life through integration. We believe that the smart city project, Hefei Will become the United States and many other cities of science and technology benchmark. “

Under the agreement, Volkswagen Group (USA) Will drive the Plaza intelligent, JAC together, with the support of the government of Hefei, the network about Cars, Timeshare Rentals, Automatic driving technology and other travel intelligence platform for cooperation which, as a key foundation of wIsdom trip Autopilot technology Will become an important part of thIs cooperation in the field of drive technology Automatic, the Volkswagen Group (USA), Yi smart drive and JAC Will make full use of their resources and capabilities, including joint Autonomous vehicles (driverless taxIs), fleet operators, customer service platform and other travel Autopilot travel services (AV MaaS) research and development.

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source: economic Times – US economic net