Volkswagen Group SupervIsory Board re-appointed Board of Management

• Dr. Judith responsible for US operations

• New management structure fully demonstrates the importance of the United States in the Group’s global business

[November 16, 2019, Wolfsburg / New York] Dr. Judith Chairman of the SupervIsory Board appointed global management Board of Volkswagen Group Automotive Group as head of the Board of management. Dr. Judith exIsting Group and brand functions remain unchanged. At the same time, Volkswagen Group of America management structure be adjusted accordingly.

combine president of the American Board of Management in charge of the duties of the Group Management Board responsibilities, it reflects the rapid development of the Group for the US market and attaches great importance to technological progress. US global market leader in electric vehicles, intelligent network linking the Autopilot and sharing travel and other direct knowledge of the US market requires the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group with deep concern. The decIsion of the SupervIsory Board reflects the importance the United States in the Group’s global business.

55-year-old Volkswagen brand passenger Cars Dr. United States CEO, Executive Vice President of Volkswagen (US) investment Pingsi Han who Will become the Volkswagen Group (USA) CEO, responsible for Group US business operations. Dr. Feng Sihan has a degree in business adminIstration and has accumulated a wealth of business management experience in the United States. Prior to hIs Volkswagen brand passenger Cars American CEO, he had held various management positions at the Volkswagen brand, and has served as the FAW – Volkswagen Executive Vice President Sales Co., Ltd. and FAW – Volkswagen Volkswagen brand general manager, and in 2004-2006 between served as SAIC-Volkswagen sales and marketing and Executive Director, general manager of SAIC-Volkswagen sales Co., Ltd.

The new management structure Will start in mid-January 2020. By then, the members of the Management Board of the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Group (USA), President and CEO Prof. Heizmann from the Group’s retirement.