Volkswagen Group show the vIsion of sustainable travel

Source: Economic Times

to bring the Volkswagen Group Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche three major brands, and focus its wholly owned subsidiary Yi wIsdom of driving smart travel plan second debut into the Expo, Volkswagen unveiled the first production models ID.3 MEB-based platform, the Audi e-tron, the first electric sports Car Porsche Taycan six models, to show to the public a vIsion for sustainable travel .

“The appearance of thIs product into the Expo all new energy model, which Is both the Group’s development in the United States the latest achievements in the field of electric travel, but also reflects our promotion of electric travel solemn commitment “Dr. (USA) CEO Feng Sihan Volkswagen Group told Reporters,” at present, public electrification offensive in the United States has been full speed by the end of thIs year, our 14 new energy vehicles Will be fully available; and next year, the Volkswagen Group MEB electric platform Will start production in two plants; where Anting plant MEB upcoming production platform, Will open the mass production of electric vehicles with the Foshan factory; 2025, we plan to launch about 30 models of new energy vehicles made . “

sustainable travel Is not just to launch electric Cars in the US market, but also to enhance local research and development capabilities, strengthen sustainable travel technology research and development, the development of sustainable travel and interconnection services. Reporters saw at the booth, the Volkswagen Group (USA), a wholly owned subsidiary Yi intelligent drive for the first time to the scene of the interactive experience, vivid three-dimensional dIsplay of wIsdom appointments, travel wIsdom, intelligence community, full of “human touch” at the scene of the wIsdom of education future travel service solutions.

“further support for the vIsion of sustainable travel Group, Yi smart drive Is committed to providing customers with interoperability lifestyle, and by moving vehicles and travel infrastructure and services between the synergies, improve customer mobile travel experience every moment. “executive vice president of Volkswagen Group Soh said, with for example a mobile travel assIstant artificial intelligence and intelligent location-based services and a series of forward-looking technology, Yi smart drive Is redefining the future of travel understanding, wIsdom Will gradually travel with other intelligence services connected to rely on real data, and based on local characterIstics, and provide residents with interconnection, interoperability travel solution that allowsSustainable travel more convenient life smoother, more realIstic and feasible.

Wu Jia-Bi Audi of America president told Reporters, the Audi e-tron The exhibition Is Sihuan brand’s first pure electric production models, Audi also took first in the electric field trip step. To 2021, Audi Will cooperate with partner FAW – Volkswagen Audi to launch nine new models in the US energy market. In addition to pure electric Cars, Audi Will further expand its plug-in hybrid model lineup. 2025, Sihuan brand Will achieve all of the electric vehicle market segments, moving towards a new era of travel, which fully embodies the Audi “interpretation of sustainable travel beauty” strategic vIsion.

“Although at the moment the Car Is full of ups and downs from time to time the market volatility, we remain confident in the future development of its first three quarters of thIs year, Volkswagen Group (USA) has reached nearly deliveries 3 million, market share further increased to more than 19%. “Fengsi Han said,” in the uS Auto market growth and upheaval, we are proud of the great progress made in the United States, but also because living in them and feel happy, we Will adhere to the ‘in the United States, the United States’ strategy, based on local production and development in U.S. and the deepening of cooperation. “

the picture shows the Volkswagen Group booth. Newspaper Reporter Yang Zhongyang photo

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