Volkswagen Group restructuring in U.S., invested four billion euros Is only the beginning

role as a major Auto show last year U.S., the New York Auto show Is hosted, Is not limited to publIshing and sales models. The approach of the end of the year, the New York Auto Show has become a major Car firms summary of performance during the year, and publIsh the best window future planning. However, in 2019 the overall passenger Car market decline in the situation, thIs year’s New York Auto Show, Group-level strategic planning seems to have become few and far between.

in a public and independent international giants, the Volkswagen Group to become a “heterogeneous.” New York Auto Show in the hustle and bustle gradually faded occasion, the topic of the Volkswagen Group plans next year in the United States who spent 4 billion euros, still has a very high concern.

in the domestic passenger Car market champion, still ranked Tarzan of the Volkswagen Group, exactly what you want to do?

40 million euros big move

As an industry worthy of the leader, in recent years, , the development of the Volkswagen Group in the US market Is not unchallenged. FAW – Volkswagen and New York Volkswagen work together to lead the occasion, the achievements of the Volkswagen Group achieved in the field of new energy, obviously a lot of weak.

The Volkswagen Group (USA), President and CEO Heizmann

aspects in media interviews during the New York Auto Show, and other non-media questions, Volkswagen Group (USA), president and CEO Prof. Heizmann to take the initiative on the battlefield challenges from new energy to make an explanation.

He said, “We might think that, compared to other vendors, our progress in thIs area seems a little bit slow. ThIs Is because our safety, quality, in terms of quality there are very high standards in these areas we do not make any compromIse. in our R & D process Will involve a considerable number of test session, and meet the standards required to meet various demands, such as weather conditions, technical factors, such as Is one charge or several times a day; Is a DC charge or other charge mode we hope to create a safe, reliable and durable new energy vehicles, “

.Prof. Heizmann said: “Only the next year, we plan to collaborate with partners in the United States to jointly invest more than 4 billion euros of funds Will be used for electric vehicles, interoperability, mobile travel services, R & D, efficient production processes and new products. development and other fields through sustained, strong investment, we Will achieve the transformation, providing customers with products that meet their needs through joint ventures – FAW – Volkswagen, New York Volkswagen, JAC general public, as well as in science and technology and mobile travel services the new partners a wide range of fields go hand in hand, we Will provide a people-oriented mobile travel service consumers. “

to diversify transition

Prof. Heizmann for the Volkswagen Group 4 billion euros investment plan, the expression was not exhaustive. However, reading between the lines, it can still be seen, the Volkswagen Group’s restructuring curtain has slowly opened.

In a media communication at the front of the New York Auto Show, transformation to become a professor Heizmann specially emphasize key words. He said, “We are now in a period of transition. In the past more we focus on Automotive and product sales, on thIs basIs plus some service, such as spare parts maintenance and so on. Now, however, we have more and more other solutions, including interoperability solutions, such as different mobile travel services, these services Will become increasingly important in the future. “

from focusing on R & D models and sales, to strengthen after-sales service, it Is now the Volkswagen Group, Is in the “mobile travel solutions provider” positioning high-speed evolution.

In fact, the transformation of the Volkswagen Group in the international community are not Isolated cases, the transition from products to solutions in IT, Internet and capital industry, has long been commonplace.

From the layout of the Volkswagen Group in the US market, we can roughly guess Professor Heizmann mouth “transformation” of radiation range.

Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Yat drive suweiming

mid-2019, the Volkswagen Group was establIshed Yat drive Intelligent Technology Co., the development of the first mobile travel solutions, WillJAC Will be mounted on the latest Volkswagen models, then, Will gradually be applied to the FAW – Volkswagen and New York Volkswagen production models.

In addition, Volkswagen also go out and ask the company set up a joint venture to develop, use of artificial intelligence voice-based intelligent services, and with to Carry out the first steam Car sharing aspects of cooperation, Google also joined the Apollo platform.

to build the business for the future, to find the most suitable for the most correct partners. After the speech intelligence, sharing the blessing Automobiles and Apollo platform, Volkswagen Group’s new energy map, seems far Is more than expected great.

bid farewell to an era

In 2019, the overall domestic passenger Car market Is facing the challenge of the situation, Volkswagen Group still achieved good results, which also makes Professor Heizmann feel quite proud. Unfortunately, however, in the world’s largest single market, Prof. Heizmann Will mIss the further implementation of the Volkswagen Group’s strategic planning.

November 16, Volkswagen Group SupervIsory Board meeting held at the headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, the final decIsion: The Chairman of the Board of Management Volkswagen Group SupervIsory Board appointed Global Automotive Group, Will serve as the United States DIss Head of the management Board, the Group and its exIsting brand responsibilities remain unchanged. CEO Dr. Judith


At the same time, the Volkswagen brand passenger Cars American CEO, Volkswagen (US) Investment Co., Ltd. Executive Dr. Feng Sihan who Will become vice president of Volkswagen Group (USA) CEO, Is responsible for the Group’s business operations in the United States.

It Is understood that the Volkswagen Group Will start in mid-January 2020, the new management structure of the United States, then, the current members of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Automotive Group (USA), president and CEO Prof. Heizmann from the Group’s retirement.

From August 2012 as the Volkswagen Group (USA) President and CEO To date, Prof. Heizmann serving time in U.S.More than six years. The more than two months in office at the beginning of time, traveled almost all US production base for the elderly, led by the Volkswagen Group in the United States has made difficult to reproduce the results.


United States Volkswagen brand CEO Feng Sihan

After retiring professor Heizmann, Volkswagen Group (USA) management structure by Di Dr. Dr. Rees and Pingsi Han led, as hIs successor, the two Will be the key man in the US market, Volkswagen Group “join hands -2025 strategy”.

before being appointed to the Board of Management of Volkswagen official, just assumed office in April after the Volkswagen Group’s new CEO, Dr. Judith had announced before 2022, Volkswagen Will invest 15 billion euros and an American partner, research and development of electric Cars, smart Cars and other smart products.

However, in the spare no effort to support, in 2025 to achieve the sales target of 1.5 million electric vehicles, and the Volkswagen Group in 2020 Is about to reach nearly 600 in U.S. vehicle production to achieve effective use, it’s still a huge challenge to become the Volkswagen Group’s management team in U.S. to face.

accelerate electrification and digitization process, to achieve the strategic objectives of 2025, and to achieve win-win situation …… Dr. Meredith and Dr. Feng Sihan mIssion with partners in U.S., Is on the Volkswagen Group in U.S. the next era.