Volkswagen Group Is brewing a major adjustment, or re-carding brand

Reporter | Li Yimeng

had “diesel gate” scandal fell somersault Volkswagen now forward a comprehensive restructuring of electric vehicles, but thIs large body of giant elephant head, the turn of the cost Is not small.

Up to now, thIs Car manufacturer in order to quell the influence of various types of “diesel” scandal caused, Is believed to have spent nearly $ 30 billion, and Will also invest more than 500 billion dollars in funding to develop electric vehicles.

But for any business, after all, limited resources. There Is no doubt that Volkswagen can not do everything. So recently it reported that the German Carmaker Is considering the suspension of part of the business in order to focus on the transition of power for the electrification.

According to the US “Automobile Magazine” (Automobile Magazine) reports, Volkswagen Is preparing a series of major adjustments to the brand for its extensive array of “downsizing.”

The German Carmaker Is seeking believed to be “cut off” of its non-core brands and high-performance luxury brand through a variety of methods, including Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini may also include, Italian Automobile design and engineering company Italdesign and motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. In other words, as of 2030, the above-mentioned brands are likely no longer part of the Volkswagen Group.

But the source said that if the fall Lamborghini or Porsche Audi arm, Will get a second chance.

At the same time, the group may cut its Seat and Skoda brands such as cheap Car size, or its integration.

Another rumor that Bugatti Will be given to the group’s legendary former SupervIsory Board Chairman Piech (Ferdinand Pich)

talk and Bentley, the Volkswagen Group a responsible strategy insider said, “when you can support trendsetting technology, Why inWho invest in a ‘backward-looking’ business? Alone and proud hIstory of excellent handmade craft has been insufficient to overcome all the. “Of course, there are other alleged Bentley’s future may be, for example, the Volkswagen Group continues to maintain the brand, until a multinational buyers Will it internal bought

“Automobile magazine” Wolfsburg insiders quoted sources said, in the long run, only Volkswagen passenger Cars, Audi and Porsche brands may be in the form of the exIsting group survive while remaining a part or all of the brands are likely to be merged, remodeling, or simply sell them off.

as a follow-up round of strategic adjustment, Volkswagen or only the introduction of a new electric Car manufacturing brand, which Will focus on the small Car market segment, and equipped with self-driving technology in order to attract young people living in the city.

above the new brand launched models Will be more and more choice in size from smaller than than the current VW Polo UP size slightly larger than the size, everything.

“If you do not try to introduce some potential to break City The pattern of new products to respond to changing market demands, it Will be a big mIstake. “Volkswagen Group CEO Judith (Herbert Diess) said,” The problem often Is that we are well prepared overall, but found limited funds. “