Volkswagen Group deliveries expected to cut 2020

According to Reuters, Volkswagen Group cut its full-year vehicle deliveries expected, warned that the market demand Will slow.

in the first nine months of thIs year, operating profit after adjustment of Volkswagen rose 11.2%, mainly due to sport-utility vehicle (SUV) and Skoda sales and Porsche surge in demand.

VW operating profit after three quarters of thIs year from 13.3 billion euros adjusted increased to 14.8 billion euros. Demand for higher-margin outlook and the way Touareg rIse, helping offset the decline in overall sales of VW brand, Porsche and Skoda deliveries increased by 8% and 15.3%, respectively.

but Volkswagen said the slowdown in global demand Will cause the Car to be delivered in 2020 and last year the Volkswagen Group were flat. Previously, the company forecast full-year deliveries thIs year Will rIse slightly.

Volkswagen, said: “Although the market share has increased, but Volkswagen Group expects the Car market shrinking rate in many parts of the world Will be faster than previously expected.”

earlier thIs week, Ford cut its operating profit forecast, blamed slowing US demand and other unfavorable factors.

In addition, Volkswagen said that a special project in 2015 due to diesel emIssions cheating scandal faces legal rIsks from EUR 2.4 billion the same period last year fell to 1.3 billion euros.

Source: Facebook Car Zhang Jing