“Volkswagen global car empire” founder’s death, has single-handedly pushed the Audi high-end market

[Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] “For hIs followers, he Is an outstanding engineer and vIsionary strategIst; for hIs opponents, he was a strange dictator . “According to the German” Der Spiegel “reported on the 27th, had for many years and served as Chairman of the SupervIsory Board of Volkswagen AG, retired less than two years of Ferdinand Piech, 25, died at a hospital. Piech to the general public to become a global company, until the end of life, the Automotive industry has been affecting the godfather Volkswagen behind the scenes. “PiĆ«ch era” Volkswagen has ended!

According to the German “Bild” said the 82-year-old Piech last weekend went to Bavaria in southern Germany, to participate in an activity. He was in a restaurant in Rosenheim, suddenly fell to the ground together with hIs wife Ursula Piech. Emergency personnel immediately took him to a local hospital, unfortunately ineffective treatment died. Ursula currently unWilling to dIsclose details, but confirmed her husband’s death, and in a written statement that, “Ferdinand Piech passion and love for Cars for employees throughout hIs life” to him death Is an avid Car enthusiast and engineer. Piech families Will hold a funeral for him in a small area.

Piech last public interview in the spring of 2020, when hIs son Anton proudly at the Geneva Motor Show the first electric Car designed by hIs own . At that time, “Bild” Piech asked, “What to say as a father?” He typical “Piech type answer” replied:. “I’m not one of them, I was not involved in thIs project.”

Piech was born in Vienna in 1937. HIs mother, LouIse, founder of Porsche Porsche, Volkswagen Beetle designer Ferdinand Porsche’s daughter, the father Is a well-known local lawyer Vienna. “Der Spiegel” said Piech Is considered to be a loser in childhood, the teacher thought he was “learning difficulties.” Later, he was sent to boarding school, experienced a “dark period of education.” He wrote in hIs Autobiography, he realized a lot of things “can only rely on themselves.”

Since then, Piech entirely “on their own.” He dIscovered hIs passion – technology, decided to study mechanical engineering. 1963 enteredAfter the Porsche company, he designed the Porsche 917 won the endurance race. Porsche sales also rose. At that time, Porsche Piech wants to be the boss. However, the Porsche family ruined hIs dream. They do not want a person to lead the surname Piech Porsche in the future.

In 1972, Piech joined Audi as a technical director of engineering and the development of the Audi 80 and Audi 100 two concept Cars. In 1993, Piech became Volkswagen Group CEO. During the charge of Volkswagen, Piech implementation of centralized decIsion-making system, establIsh a sound system of hierarchy, the company’s management as “a machine.”

in the business, he acquIsitions brand and expand market known, Volkswagen Group’s brands from four grown to 13, including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Lamborghini and Porsche Wait. Particularly worth mentioning Is that Piech succeeded the Audi brand to the high-end market, turning it into main rivals BMW and Mercedes. Mergers and acquIsitions in the anti-war called “Tunxiang”, the public finally annexed the Porsche, which Is considered one of the most outstanding achievements Piech Career, so he Is known as “Volkswagen Godfather.”

From 1993 to 2002, during hIs tenure as CEO at Volkswagen Piech, Volkswagen Group from a loss of EUR 1 billion became annual sales over 5 million, a profit of 2.6 billion euros Auto giants. It can be said Piech allow the public to become a global Automotive empire.

As the heir, Piech at Volkswagen Group summit battle defeated in 2002, after many years he served as Chairman of the SupervIsory Board, on behalf of the public’s major shareholders – Porsche and Piech two families, wield. April 2015, due to the defeat in the struggle for power, Piech resigned from the post of Chairman of the SupervIsory Board, officially relegated to the background.

quit after Piech Volkswagen core management, corporate governance culture has changed, and later served as Group CEO Muller calls for the reduction of centralized decIsion-making, so that managers at all levels to take more responsibility and strengthen internal self-criticIsm.

According to the US “Fortune” magazine estimates that Piech my name assets of 1.1 billion euros, while Porsche and Piech two peopleGroup total assets of 370 billion euros. German “Die Zeit” said Piech total of 13 children. Heritage Will deal with how savvy Piech already arranged. He establIshed two foundations, hIs wife Ursula and children to fill key posts. Germany’s “World News” that, despite Piech has died, but the Porsche and Piech families family Will affect the development of the Volkswagen Group in the longer period of time, including members of the Porsche and Piech family’s younger brother, Is still Volkswagen SupervIsory Board members.

Source: Global Times