Volkswagen gives way expensive new mIssion, kill Highlander, squeezing out the Prado, but the task Is very arduous

filed a joint venture Car, in addition to Japanese Cars, the most famous Is certainly the Volkswagen Ashkenazi, and in addition to the higher cost of cheap Car outside, as well as high-end luxury Car. The Car sales are not particularly high, including God says in the American public, for example, was given a new mIssion of public transit expensive, need to get rid of the Highlander, squeezing out the Prado, thIs task Is very arduous.

In fact, if the public into seven SUV thIs context, Is the most expensive way grammar models, but in fact phase compared to Highlander, and off-road vehicles of God segments of the Prado, do you want to dominate the world there are still some difficulties. That in the end how well thIs Car can do? Now we take a look:

appearance, the new Car more has a wild charm, the front face of the two large headlights set shape Founder, in the middle of the grill with a silver chrome, and lights are connected, the entire front of the Car are boxy, feeling off-road vehicles, very SUV Car in line with the positioning of the curve with the curvature of the side of the Car and texture, full of exquIsite sense but also highlights the charm of a modern Car. The overall size of the Car Is 5039x1989x1773mm, look at the size has been very consIstent in the large SUV Car.

Inside, the Car with 8-inch or 9 inches in the control screen, which has a flagship multimedia interactive features, can and 12.3-inch dashboard and mobile Internet, showing the strength of technology, then thIs Car Is equipped with upgraded 10-color ambient lighting, plus Bluetooth, navigation systems, speech recognition systems and a variety of configurations. While the inner material Is used heroic spirit top with Ultimate, with a lot of internal leather material, also with a silver matte chrome, with leather seats, full play characterIstics of luxury Cars. Space inside the Car and a lot of Cars are spacious enough for both compared to, do not have the storage space can be considered adequate.

power, the Car Is equipped with 2.0L turbocharged engine, Is divided into two and four-wheel drive version version, two drive version of the maximum power can reach 186 horsepower, and four-wheel drive version of the maximum power can reach 220 horsepower, the Car’s dynamic performance Is essentially fully able to meet consumer. Only in the Car’s relatively cheap price of the Car, to be much higher, the price between 308,900 to 518,900.

but as a joint venture Automobile, but also positioned as a high-end Car, thIs price Is as it should be. Overall, the appearance of the new expensive way more handsome, the interior Is more intense in future upgrades sense of luxury. The expensive way of quality has also been guaranteed in all popular Car among the passers-by Aung sales pretty good, especially compared to other Cars of the same level, the number of sales the way a lot more expensive, but also have a certain sense of luxury, for many consumers, but also choose the way Ang guaranteed.