Volkswagen fruitful cooperation with Microsoft communication strategy

Volkswagen and Microsoft exchanged views on the progress of research and development of the Volkswagen cloud technology. When recently, Dr. Judith CEO of Volkswagen Group and Microsoft CEO Satir · Nadella (Satya Nadella) VIsit Volkswagen of digital laboratory located in Berlin together, dIscuss the latest achievements in bilateral cooperation. As an important part of the “unified digital platform” (ODP), the Volkswagen cloud technology Will gradually expand to more regions worldwide. “Unified digital platform,” the future Will be landing in Europe, the United States and the United States – electric and fully interconnected family of ID’s core market. At the same time, Volkswagen Is also working with Microsoft to develop Internet services for Automotive first lighthouse projects, the establIshment of new Volkswagen North America R & D Center has also been effective.

Volkswagen with Microsoft on the progress of research and development of the Volkswagen cloud technology exchange

Volkswagen Group CEO Di Dr. Rees said: “our strategic partnership with Microsoft Is a key step in the Volkswagen developed into a software-driven provider of mobile travel by means of the Volkswagen cloud technology, we are providing a unique solution to our customers our. . strength has been continuously strengthened, Will be in the development of thIs sector offers huge competitive advantage for us. “

· Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella), said:” from the manufacturing process to the vehicle itself, digital technology Is rapidly changing every aspect of the Automotive industry through strategic cooperation, Volkswagen Will launch Azure-based Car Internet service, the service provider Will not only speed up the movement of travelers to the Volkswagen driver software the change Will also define for everyone, everywhere in the future of travel. “

Volkswagen cloud technology Will further expand the market

mass vapor Cloud technology Is mainly for the European market, Volkswagen plans to accelerate the pace of globalization in the beginning of the research and development, to expand the technology to other markets. Microsoft Azure cloud with its comprehensive technology, Edge browser, artificial intelligence technology and the strength of things Will continue to lay the foundation for the digital ecosystem evolving. Volkswagen Cars Will cloud technologyAs the core operation of the vehicle and data services operations. As a leading brand of the project within the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen brand Is being co-developed the digital ecosystem with partners.

of the Volkswagen brand Board of Management, responsible for new digital Automotive and service functions, and served as the Volkswagen Group Digital, head of Automotive and service sectors ChrIsitan Senger Will also be responsible for the Volkswagen cloud related business, he said: “Volkswagen cloud technology Will become the backbone of our global digital ecosystem at the same time, Volkswagen Will also brand-new high-performance software architecture used in our model that we Will develop a comprehensive Internet. of models and user-oriented digital value-added services to lay the necessary foundation. “

ID. Will be the first generation of cloud-connected Car models

Volkswagen Is landing next to their digital ID ecosystems. family’s core market to prepare. ID. Will be the first use of Car cloud models, Will be landing in Europe in 2020. ID. Family Cars produced in the United States Will start the same year, starting from 2022 Will begin production in the United States.

The first lighthouse projects for the Automotive Internet services

At the same time, Microsoft Is also common with Volkswagen the first lighthouse to Carry out projects for the interconnection of the Car. The two sides are to cooperate on communication and navigation solutions and personalized service: The self-learning algorithms, Will facilitate the passenger in the Car and use the service provides extended functionality for them. The first open function Will include integrated Automatic access to the conference call, the default navigation destination information transmIssion, as well as Microsoft’s Skype and Microsoft Office software.

Source: Economic Times – US Economic Net