Volkswagen force electric market in 2020 to be invested 4 billion euros

2020 to the end of the year drew to a close, revIsit thIs year’s Auto market Is still Carried on or under the 2019 MORALS, over the previous year What Is more, the days of major manufacturers in 2020 more tough, some dIsappear altogether from the Automotive industry. The new forces have been in full swing repairer, now also a number of corpuscles, simply do not mention the beginning of the expected sales, and even mass production, that Is the road twIsts and turns. Even in such an environment, the Volkswagen Group still or hegemony, According to statIstics, as of October thIs year, the Volkswagen Group customers in 2020, the United States has delivered 3.34 million vehicles, the market share has increased to 19.5%, continuous three-year sales of more than 300 million units. Since entering the US market, the Volkswagen Group has sold a total of more than 42 million Cars in U.S..

In thIs regard, the Volkswagen Group in 2020 should be hand in hIs fairly satIsfactory answer, the face of unpredictable situation in 2020, Volkswagen Automotive Group how should deal with thIs? It Is understood that the Volkswagen Group Will invest in the US Auto market in 2020 more than 4 billion euros, the main development of the electric Car market.

more than 1.5 billion euros of the electric Car market force

2020, Volkswagen plans and FAW – Volkswagen and SAIC – Volkswagen joint invest more than 4 billion euros, of which, the investment for the electric field trips Will account for about 40% of the amount of investment, covering production, infrastructure construction and development of electric vehicles. It seems, the Volkswagen Group Is preparing the electric Car market in force, although the previous diesel share of the US market has been highly innovative, but have to say, in the face of Tesla, BYD, to Wei, a series of focus on electric vehicles and other business Weimaraner, the Volkswagen Group seems a bit backward look, then in 2020, Is indeed ready for electric Cars ready to go up.

and in the next few years, the Volkswagen Group in investment in new energy products Will be more than diesel, not only that, the new mobile travel solutions and the Smart city project, the Volkswagen Group Will be strong, heavy blows, thIs way “corner overtaking”, did not seem thatWhat simple.

Carbon electric power in 2020 and the full realization of

At the end of 2020, the Volkswagen Group (USA) Will launch 14 new models new energy vehicles, and thIs has been the introduction of new Cars and locomotives frequency Yipin, Volkswagen Group (USA) CEO Dr. Fengsi Han also said publicly that the next year in the local production of electric vehicles scale Will greatly enhance the success of the electric field trips, Will be target core driving force, helping the Group Volkswagen Group sustainable development to achieve full Carbon neutrality in 2050.

2022 mass production of new energy vehicles

At the same time, Volkswagen also said that in the next few years, Will transform their three factories in Germany Ciwei test, Hanover, Emden factory for electric vehicles, work Will focus on mass production of electric vehicles, it Is expected in 2022, when these plants can be achieved work.

In order to accelerate the transition of power, in 2023, the Volkswagen Group Is expected to invest over 44 billion euros, or about $ 50 billion in funds to develop thIs industry.

Guiche: new energy repairer Is the consensus of many enterprIses, with the gradual deterioration of the ecological environment as well as fuel and reduce, thIs new model Is certainly the future of the mainstream. In addition to Tesla, many American Car companies are in the development of electric vehicles, but the technology Is not mature helpless now, if the public accelerate In thIs regard, we should soon have a very good Car can be opened.