Volkswagen first half of thIs year, outperforming the overall market

[ Car News Network ] the first half of 2020, the Volkswagen Group (USA) and two joint ventures – New York Volkswagen and FAW – Volkswagen in the United States mainland and Hong Kong delivery of nearly 1.92 million (same period in 2019 delivered 1.99 million, down 3.9%), which imports Car deliveries to 96,800 vehicles. Despite the tough overall market environment, the Group Is still stable market performance has won increasing market share, now close to 19%. Dr. (USA) CEO Feng Sihan Volkswagen Group, said: “Over the past six months, the US Auto industry Is facing enormous challenges, but the group Is better than the overall market as well as the good performance of the upcoming release of new models, all to make our Group confidence in the performance of the end of 2020. “

in June of thIs year, Volkswagen Group (USA) Car deliveries to 354,800 vehicles, an increase of 15%. ThIs strong sales performance, thanks to the impact of vehicle emIssions standards in the market brought about by the transition to the six countries by the five countries to some extent. The standard shift also brought uncertainty for the coming month market environment.

Dr. Pingsi Han further said: “The Volkswagen Group (USA) hopes its brand has always been the first choice of American Car buyers the same time, we hope that through the second half of thIs year, the first round of new energy offensive. to reach a total annual release target 14 new energy vehicles to further maintain a strong momentum of growth. “

Volkswagen’s main brands themes performance

the first half of 2020, the Volkswagen brand Cars were delivered 1,429,800 vehicles (2019 year delivered 1,483,200 vehicles, down 3.6% year on year). Among them, the market performed strongly in June, deliveries rose 14.2%, to further consolidate its market leading position. Volkswagen brand models in the market performance Is also better than the overall level, before the US market accounted for 10 best-selling models in the first half of the six seats. Volkswagen brand Is now available 8 SUV models, the future Will introduce more. Currently, the brand Is preparing to market access work five new energy SUV models WillIn the second half of thIs year on the market.

In June Audi brand deliveries increased to 58,900 units, an increase of 22.2%. Audi A4L and Audi Q5 models favored growth rate of 11.7% and 64.8%, respectively. Tailored specifically for the US market Audi city SUV– Q2L great success in the local market, sales of up to 3,800 vehicles. Since the start of the year, the Audi brand delivered a total of 312,500 customers to the US vehicles, an increase of 1.9%, thanks to thIs, in the first half of thIs year, the Audi brand set a new sales record in the US market.

Skoda in the first half in its largest single market, the United States delivered a total of 125,900 Automobile vehicles. Which in June deliveries to 23,900 units, compared with last year fell by 13.1% (27,500 units delivered over the same period in 2019).

Porsche deliveries in the US market in the first half of the year surged 28%. Strong growth in its second quarter, mainly due to the adequate preparation of its strong lineup of SUV models and the company before the new emIssion standards have done. The second half of 2020, Porsche Will introduce more new models to further promote the positive growth of the brand in the US market.