Volkswagen did not move vehicle engineering professional, you do not work hard, you Will be eliminated!

do not recruit Volkswagen vehicle engineering professional, you do not work hard, you Will be eliminated!

to chat with you now Is not optimIstic about the employment situation of it, these days the News also reported:

Volkswagen enrollment thIs year brochure shows that many professionals are not received, including vehicle engineering, mechanical engineering and Automation,

these are more professional counterparts had, now do not move up.

that move what profession? Recruit computer science, from which thIs News, we read what information?

First, the current employment situation Is not optimIstic.

the economic situation Is not particularly good, and even many companies are downsizing, let alone recruit new employees, and the affordability of older employees are the problem,

However, a large number of graduates each year a large number of graduates, there are a lot of people leave from their posts, and that these people go from here? So many people are competing for a small number of jobs, pressure Is not?

Second, already no professional counterparts and counterparts of say, you have not only the market demand.

Look vehicle engineering, it Is normal to Auto companies, but they do not move, you say gas Is not gas.

Third, the robot Is gradually replaced by a lot of jobs, you see Why the trick computer science, because many want to achieve through the machine,

more and more types of the robot has to be replaced.

so it Is absolutely safe computer professionals do? Certainly not, when do we intelligent Furthermore, even programmers do not need so much, they are very dangerous.

Therefore, thIs era has not the iron rice bowl.

I say a real going through it, a few days before I turn the Pudong Airport in New York, I went to the Pudong airport Is already more than a week, I feel a little hungry, so he ordered a takeaway,

half an hour, I heard someone knock on the door, a cynical voice said: “hello, your takeaway to, I Will open the door for me at the door, please. “

I opened the door, no one ah, looking down look, oh, there Is a small robot, also blinking eyes said to me:” you are in my takeaway stomach, open my stomach to take food. “

I opened her belly, sure enough my takeaway on the inside,

after take complete meal, she winked said to me: “? Are you coming together a video ah.”

and he has not had time photo, robots themselves are gone and then find a charge to charge pile,

you see AI has been very mature, but it Is not yet universal use, once popular, more jobs Will not be maintained .

then we in the end how to do? There Is no way out? Of course there Is a way out!

In any job, any company, any industry, as long as you do the top few, so at least above average, you must be hungry and

not only hungry, but also alive and well!

and those who always think the water, dawdle, they are the dangerous,

They do not learn, but there Is no way prevent competitors from learning, there Is no way to stop people learn,

The so-called learning Is like rowing upstream,

you are still in place, others have run farther, you have the equivalent of a back, you’ve left behind, it Is likely to be eliminated.

Therefore, thIs time we do notLearning, we do not work hard, no one Will sympathize with you,

out of our era, when he kept greeting Will not play.

after work, time away from work in addition to playing phone, play games, spend some time to learn to enhance it.

What upgraded? Enhance knowledge, improve methods to enhance emotional intelligence,

By the way, you have not been replaced by professional robotics rIsk?