Volkswagen car sharing test the water, pilot, “Mount Jie” era!

public test the water Car sharing, pilot, “Mount Jie” era! In early just it announced that it Will flex its muscles in the mobile travel in the “2025 Strategy” FAW – Volkswagen, now some action. Recently, the Car network ( learned that FAW – Volkswagen VW brand Car sharing “Mount McNair travel” was officially launched in Changchun pilot, and employees began closed beta, marking the Volkswagen brand achieved in the field of mobile travel from 0 to 1 break.

According to the Car network ( understood that during the closed beta, “Mount McNair travel” free and open service-oriented staff, providing network-style Car experience. Initial operation, a total of 30 Cars put into operation, follow-up Will gradually increase the number of vehicles, the expanded use of the crowd, to the Changchun market to meet the needs of customers.

At present, many Automobile companies have announced the launch of Car sharing projects, such as Geely’s Car Cao Cao, in cooperation with BAIC drops, Daimler’s Car2go, BMW DriveNow and so on. If, after sharing the Car Is dominated by Internet companies, it has recently been more and more traditional Car business incoming Car-sharing, even including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, including Car prices have made it clear from the traditional Automobile manufacturing companies in transition to mobile travel services provider.

in the “2025 Strategy”, FAW – Volkswagen Is also moving field trips concrete plan, it plans a number of key cities in the country to travel to reach the mobile market in the first three, the first Car networking loading rate of 100%, to provide users with a more diverse, intelligent travel solutions. To thIs end, as early as July 2019, the Volkswagen brand mobile travel on the establIshment of the project team; January 4 thIs year, with the establIshment of future business development department, the official mobile travel business to promote business in the form of two departments, the department Under the jurIsdiction of the user experience, mobile travel, three new energy sector, a comprehensive response to future trends and directions.

In thIs regard, FAW – Volkswagen of Commerce Vice President, Sales Company, party secretary Dongxiu Hui said: “Today we travel Mount McNair, regarded as a pilot I hope everyone. forefront of Volkswagen, Audi and Volkswagen brands in traditional businesses can still like that, standing at a new business – work together to FAW. “