Volkswagen burning oil, less with the problems continue, Why people still like?

Volkswagen has been our consumers generally like it, but it has the advantage of Volkswagen, Is also flawed, as early as in previous years, Volkswagen appeared very famous incident of burning oil, but now Volkswagen also suffered problems with many models jianpei can occur even if these negative News.

we find that sales of its Volkswagen has not decreased, but Is increasing, and there are even a lot of people say you just to buy Volkswagen feelings? In fact, Xiao Bian think feelings are just part, of course, thIs Is Volkswagen have that strength. Volkswagen Volkswagen especially authentic, it Is very good in terms of handling, and very resIstant building.

Moreover, we buy a Volkswagen, not only because of its brand reasons, most importantly, it Is for Volkswagen of America’s consumers are very sincere in , domestic New York Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen, both public it’s models, but also more tricks to meet the owners of the different options you, if you prefer a more authentic German Volkswagen, then go buy the FAW.

If you prefer a more partial localization of Volkswagen, then buy SAIC, Volkswagen now share in the US Auto market share Is relatively more, so Volkswagen compared to our domestic models, or Japanese models, it’s more obvious advantages. To sum up, Xiao Bian think about Is Volkswagen, it Is believed that many people have an evaluation.

no doubt that it Is due to the Volkswagen brand diversification, as well as many changes in the Car’s price, very much in line now consumer demand, so Xiao Bian here to ask you, you in the end Is to buy Volkswagen feelings, or to the quality of Volkswagen do?