Volkswagen brand to accelerate the digital transformation

At present, the ongoing transformation of the Volkswagen brand: the expertIse and the advantages of its own software external partners, the Volkswagen brand Is accelerating its development ecosystem. Motors Will become the hub of things.

the Volkswagen brand board member responsible for sales of J├╝rgen Stackmann said recently: “We have a clear vIsion: We Will continue to create excellent quality Cars but in the future, Volkswagen Will gradually evolve into a wheel of digital devices. “in the US, the Volkswagen brand has been tailored for the US market and the mobile Internet brand” all the experts “, so that consumers can be fast, safe and reliable way directly to Volkswagen linked to the digital lifestyle.

the Volkswagen Group’s brand strategy director and head of product strategy emphasized Michael Jost, software and related services in the future Will be differentiated Automotive industry make a significant contribution. At the same time, Jost said: “In response to thIs development, we need to reshape some aspects of the Car.”

ThIs includes a redesigned, more optimized vehicle IT platform. The platform from 2020 onwards, initially for the Volkswagen brand in the global market, including the US upcoming I.D. family electric Car. ThIs IT platform Is no longer rely on a large number of independent control unit manufacturer-specific software. Currently, a vehicle may have up to 70 such units. Instead, the intelligent vehicle systems Will be integrated on a computer using a small amount of general-purpose programming language. Future Car Will have a unified source software, customers Will experience based on “vw.OS” Car operating system services. As indicated by Mr. Jost: “The separation of hardware and software, the foundation for the constantly updated and upgraded.” In addition, thIs also means that the development process to achieve Automatic driving function to enter a new phase next.

the Volkswagen brand digital ecosystem suitable for Will rely on a group-wide, major cloud-based platform that Is “unified digital platform” (ODP). The platform cloud-based technology to connect vehicles, customer service and three. ODP platform to ensure that the service, including Volkswagen and Volkswagen integrated whole ecosystem inExternal partners parties, can be connected to Volkswagen’s IT infrastructure.

the Volkswagen brand digital and new business / mobile travel service head of ChrIstoph Hartung said: “The Volkswagen brand Is working with the Group’s various brands, to lead the development of OPD platform we are. seek other external support, Will soon announce cooperation projects and partnerships. “in the US market, Volkswagen has partnered with Mobvoi, its speech recognition processing and artificial intelligence technology into Volkswagen in practice” in the United States for the United States. ” (Li Dongying)