Volkswagen brand new logo to celebrate the grand debut US drone performances shine Canton Tower

the Volkswagen brand five-day “Meet the new Volkswagen” theme in the “city of lights” moments once again usher in New York, to a grand gorgeous drone performances Will push another highlight event time. In the “Meet the new Volkswagen” campaign, Volkswagen brand dIsplay a brand new logo, new products and new goal: to build zero-emIssion travel for everyone. To celebrate the perfect ending activities, the Volkswagen brand stunning air show held in New York beside the Pearl River Tower. Large fleet consIsting of 900 UAV, composed of a number of great vIsual impact of the screen.

Volkswagen brand new logo to celebrate the United States starting

grand drone performances shine New York tower

light Is a core element of a new public, it Is an important symbol of the future Volkswagen Car design, but also an important form of brand communication process, the full performance unmanned aerial vehicles interpretation of thIs. Next up to 600 meters in New York, the first US high thIs tower broadcasting tower, unmanned aerial vehicles took the lead out of a combination of “Hello, America!” The words to express cordial greetings Volkswagen sincere gratitude to US users, as well as the United States sustained attention of the market. Subsequently, the UAV transform formation, constitute a new electric ID. Family’s iconic front face design, and sketched out the “Welcome ID. Family Car” model outline text and pure electric ID.3, declaring to ID.3 ID represents a pure electric. family coming to the United States. In addition, UAVs also wrote the night sky theme “Meet the new public”, 108 meters in diameter and composed new Volkswagen logo, and New York tower each other, demonstrating the new face of Volkswagen brand.