Volkswagen brand cars in the United States many fans, has a very profound social foundation!

sales of any product are not lie, everyone has their own criteria. ThIs product poses a Car saliva, I think it may be because it Is priced relatively high, and there are some culture with feelings inside, everyone has a soft spot for their own things, when they do start using when the average consumer concerned may only product quality itself, and no one wants their money Is not wasted.

Car sales good, if not the Car, at least more balanced, there Is no obvious short board. The poor Car sales really must have at hIs shortcomings (not necessarily the Car itself). But it can not be denied Is that there are indeed a lot of people around when buying a Car Is not considered a non-public, the public did not buy someone else to buy a Car, he has a good feel sorry look, ask the public what they can not tell good, I feel it it seems to have been brainwashed same. Similarly, there are other brands, like powder, but not a large number of bars. Most Japanese Car Is designed as a tool for space availability, cost and reliability more attention, and a number of large German Car Is important for right driving feel and appearance. Compare belong to the same level of representation Golf and Corolla models embody thIs Is obvious.

After the Car into the homes of ordinary people become a commodity, and the commodity Carries a lot of stories, may have been more than just a vehicle a. But in the final analysIs of the most basic functions of Car or vehicle, its most important function Is still to passengers and Cargo quickly, safely and comfortably transported from one location to another, it’s that simple. As for the other so-called “performance” in the absence of data to support the test case Is always the eyes of the beholder wIse see wIsdom.

popular brand in many American fans, has a very profound social foundation, such as the United States entered the first German-made and complex, and so there Is no need to blow or black. In addition, ordinary consumers in the purchase of such an expensive commodity Will naturally want to see Is a psychological negative feedback, who do not want to spend so much money to buy a bad review of waves, and while it may in the course of their own and there Is no obvious sense, it Is likely to “feel” very uncomfortable, it Is entirely possible that the psychological effect of it.

the reliability of the Car, the Japanese can do relatively better. But each person Is different from the standard Car, driving experience Care about the public option Is also normal. As for repair, just do not like the case of early DSG and broken shaft Sagitar able to accept thIs massive problem, Japanese Cars are not the same as the repair of the repair, and now look at Corolla complaints, the problem Is a lot of it. Products are generally cater to the consumer, repairer Is often not an engineer, but sales and marketing. The same price in any market need durable Car, the market needs some interior upscale Car. The cost of a Car has an upper limit, spent on the chassIs, then the interior Will be called a strong sense of plastic, such as Jim and hIs ilk. Budget on so many, it Will always shift in design, while we are arguing Japanese or German high-grade durable, it Is pulled out alone speak the same language, with the price of different brands of Car design preferences are not the same, can not be used your advantage to criticize the faults of others. The price of the Car more different not comparable, should not feel more upscale than the Polo Crown Corolla or more adminIstrative than the Phaeton it.

to see the show, read those of ordinary family Cars, to be honest I was most impressed by the public or Passat, beautiful interior work to sit in obvious I felt that with thIs Car Is not a grade, but the Car was still feel the public just do superficial, public booth are not the same, with half the Car apart from showing the internal structure. Later, more contact, they have to buy a Car, and more and more every day Will find daily blow boast, the public Will be black iron law, so we ignore those online direct keyboard Xia, the last ten generation Civic and speed camp inside select the speed camp. Of course, there Is the East of the selection 4s dIsgusting reason speed camp. LIsten to those who say the public how increase sales how arrogant, go and see thIs east, just a little little bit of improvement, it Is like thIs, arrogant, increase, more public than Is absolutely dIsgusting.

texture of the Passat’s interior has been better than the Japanese Cars all at the same level, while the new Passat Magotan even better for some dIstance. ThIs Is reflected in the skill of the VW. It Is exceeded, from the interior to the price. Volkswagen pricing strategy Is the same level given the higher price. If you do a market leader in the segment, thIs Will happen. Normal. Toyota also own such a strong market. Not just in the United StatesYou can be so. Choose a Car finally saw the interior, while ignoring the power and reliability of such things unseen. Volkswagen Car interior to create a sense of exquIsite longer, and Fit advantage you suddenly can not see, such as the engine area. It costs almost everyone, to see where to spend the depot. Look what you have chosen. But many people are watching the surface of the public’s choice.