Volkswagen also has a bad car, 1.5L6AT sixth country, down 20,000 Nobody paid

FAW-Volkswagen in the field of SUV and station wagon or the Automotive sector have a place, there Is the SUV field probe, rapid increase in the Automotive sector FAW – Volkswagen lIsted in October 2020, its 2020T, the biggest change Is the elimination of 1.4 and eliminate manual transmIssion models, in line with national emIssion standards for six, only 105,900 yuan.

From the exterior, the Car still use the popular family-style, the overall performance Is definitely the highlight of the front grille of thIs design, thIs and may be separated from other VW, thIs armor-like design, not inconsIstent feeling, but also to add a little hard front headlamps .. standard halogen gas, although the impression Is equipped with LED lights daily, but Xenon only decorative LED lights on and below are optional steering assIst apparatus equipped with a fog, night driving safer body size, Car length and width 4559mm, 1793mm, 1487mm, wheelbase 2614mm, 132mm clearance from the ground, away higher than the average Car, bad road through has been good .. side of the body Is very beautiful, a waIst through from the front to the rear lights, a good reflection of the integrity of the entire body.

line skirt at right design, but also that it Is surrounded by the dark cross-one design element.

In addition, top luggage rack Is also one of the important elements of the Car’s performance, not only look good but also very practical a 17-inch wheel ring Is used to make the top model, from the Chinese tire Thailand, a KINE RGYEXH308 in fact open the door into the interiors, Automotive design Is typical of Volkswagen family, on the center console are all hard plastic, but which adds decorative panels to enhance the overall texture with a multi-function key .. leather arranged on the steering wheel can only see the above model, thIs Car Is a cruIse control, ESP, tire pressure monitoring, the uphill assIst, reversing radar .. in power level, the Car consIsts of a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine power output of 82 kW, maximum torque of 145 Nm, coupled with a six-AT gearbox 6 in line with national emIssion standards.

Overall, thIs Is a very good Car Volkswagen, change Is not only in line with national emIssion standards 6, and has a strong storage capacity, but Car sales are still not very good, although thIs Is a cross-border station wagon, but all aspects of performance can not give people the feeling of the station wagon, the Car’s price to 20,000, sales are not satIsfactory.