Volkswagen accelerated “Americanization” layout – FAW – Volkswagen completed a testing ground

In August Jilin earth has been baptized rain two weeks ago, it was rare in previous years. Fast forward to August 19 period, I woke up and found entrenched in the provincial capital Changchun on the air a few days on the dark clouds finally dIssipated Sunshine, returning to the sun re-occupy the commanding heights of the sky, seems to be because the FAW – Volkswagen proving ground for the sake of completion , God smile ……

as a joint US Auto companies have influence, FAW – Volkswagen to produce and promote high standards of management the domestic Auto industry development road of high-quality, more driven to enhance the level of U.S.’s Automotive industry equipment manufacturing. FAW – Volkswagen proving ground a completed and put into use, in terms of thIs joint venture Car prices are even more important!

FAW – Volkswagen proving ground for a completed

FAW – Volkswagen test field Is located in Changchun City Nong’an, inaugurated the first phase of the project Is put into operation, which Is the FAW – Volkswagen basic Training Is another strength of the performance. Changchun Mayor Liu Xin, Jilin Province Department of Industry director Huo Yan, Wang Haiying, deputy mayor of Changchun, Nong’an County Sun Ning, director of the US First Automobile Group Co., Ltd., deputy party secretary Qin Huanming, FAW – Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. adminIstered by members and other relevant leaders, witnessed the FAW – Volkswagen completed testing ground, opened the FAW – Volkswagen new chapter in vehicle development and quality improvement.

guests posed: FAW – Volkswagen proving ground a completed and put into use

FAW – Volkswagen Automotive Co. company Director and General Manager Dr. Liu Yi Gong, and the first (Finance), Deputy General Manager Shi Ande said in the inauguration ceremony speech: proving ground for the US Auto industry to fill the gaps in the field of vehicle verification testing, more practical action to practice the FAW – Volkswagen determined to build a complete industrial chain of Automotive ecosystem, and Will further promote the enterprIse to a new level in the market competition. Future FAW – Volkswagen Will continue adhering to the “· enjoy high quality” brand philosophy, “technology” as the core driving force, to create efficient, sustainable and harmonious progress of the system the ability to accelerate new-looking eyes industryService layout, to promote the prosperity and development of the regional economy and the realization of the American dream of a powerful Car contribute.

FAW – Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., general manager Liu also work, Dr. first (Finance), Deputy General Manager Shi Andre common speech

Proving Ground high hopes mayors]

Changchun Liu Xin said: FAW – Volkswagen proving ground one put into use, FAW construction hIstory a major event, but also a happy event in Changchun and the country’s development in the hIstory of the Automobile industry, marking the FAW – Volkswagen vehicle test road conditions already have international standards, provide a strong guarantee to enhance innovation, accelerate the pace of research and development, improve product quality, also marks the Changchun Automobile industry has formed a complete ecological chain consIsting of vehicle research and development, manufacturing, integration testing, component matching, after-sales service, Changchun speed up a world-class Auto industry base and international Automobile city Is of great importance.


Xin Liu Changchun FAW highly positive – role in promoting the Volkswagen proving ground for regional development brought about

US first Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Director, deputy party secretary Qin Huanming said: Automotive proving ground project Is another important achievement and a sign U.S. and Germany cooperate, help upgrade the US and FAW Volkswagen, and for the two sides to deepen cooperation lay a solid foundation.

US First Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Director, deputy party secretary Mr. Qin Huanming, FAW – Volkswagen proving ground have high hopes

It Is reported that FAW – Volkswagen proving ground Is a region with cold climate, advanced facilities, full-featured integrated vehicle test base, Is currently the largest, full-featured integrated Automobile proving ground. The total area (core area) area of ​​60,000 square kilometers. The total project investment over 1.7 billion yuan, which lasted more than four years to build, including durability enhancement testing area, the air bag by mIstake role in the test area, dynamic Square, comprehensive performance test area, high-speed ring road five functional areas are completed, the total road mileage over 60 km , FAW – Volkswagen vehicle verification test Carried outTry to lay a solid foundation, but also to promote the completion of the construction of Changchun Automobile EIC, more important Is to accelerate the Volkswagen “Americanization” layout, the future Is more the United States Will be developed by Volkswagen proving ground in thIs test, and quickly to the US market.

FAW – Volkswagen proving ground inaugurated a project and put into use, while improving vehicle testing and research and development, but also can eliminate fundamentally currently recognized bottleneck localization and development test capability deficiency caused thereby ensuring the progress of important projects to test models, materials research and development costs and quality to meet the company’s larger-scale production and marketing needs, and thus enhance the FAW – Volkswagen overall operational quality.

future, FAW – Volkswagen proving ground Will be built into a world-class vehicle testing ground, to protect the new vehicle development, test verification, shorten the test period and save cost, help FAW – Volkswagen 2025 strategic landing.

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