Volkswagen 330 marked on the back or 380TSI, turned out to be mean

Volkswagen in our country can be said to be one of the best Car sales, many are very fond of thIs extraordinary German Car brand, Volkswagen Is not only on design or quality, the They are very good Cars. Careful friends Will find public Car parking spaces often are marked with some numbers, such as 330 or 380 TSI tagging behind three letters, the numbers and letters on behalf of what does it mean? Today we’ll chat with thIs topic.

First, I explain TSI these three letters mean with you, TSI Volkswagen refers to high performance, but the design of a dIsplacement very small booster transmitter, thIs engine combines three very superb engine technology, which are stratified combustion technology, direct injection technology and turbocharger technology, thIs engine technology can be said that the performance Is very good, a lot of Volkswagen Will use thIs engine technology, such as Volkswagen Magotan, Sagitar, Golf and Bora Cars, and these Cars uses thIs engine, it would TSI on the parking meter three letters indicating that thIs Car the engine Is the use of TSI engine technology.

and the number of Cars in general are represented Automobile tail torque, for example 330, meaning that the Car Is in the torque of 300-350N ยท m between, there are three letters on the TSI VW suffix denote different dIsplacement, the letter “i” Is red, then indicate dIsplacement Is 1.1, the letters “SI” Is red, then indicate dIsplacement Is 1.8, “TSI” three letters are red, then, that dIsplacement Is 2.0. In addition, the tail Car of the general public as well as words such as 1.8T, showing the Car’s emIssions.

I believe after reading the above we must explain the meaning of the underlying Volkswagen tail numbers and letters of understanding, if you like, then it Is quickly covered up Send to a friend around it!