VIsit SAIC Chase RV Liu Fei: Responding to diversified markets

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With the rIsing living standards and more diversified lifestyle came before us, RV travel / tourIsm It Is one of them. Compared to European and American markets, American Car culture of the moment Is not particularly strong, relatively low awareness of national and acceptance, which led directly to the domestic Car market has been opened up the situation.

Although the current domestic Car market slightly “malaIse”, but many manufacturers are relevant for the popular culture, to promote the development of the industry and make unremitting efforts, SAIC Chase Is one of the leaders. On 2019AIC American International Touring Car exhibition, I also had the privilege to interview the deputy general manager of SAIC Chase RV Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Fei, on the domestic Car market, he has hIs own unique insights.

The following Is the interview:

love Card: Thank you very much Mr. Liu to accept thIs interview, SAIC Chase for the performance in the passenger Car market, for all to see. But for SAIC Chase RV and it may not be very familiar with, could you please briefly explain?

Mr. Liu: SAIC Chase RV Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and manufacturing base Is currently located in Liyang, as monomer production Car factory capacity are leading the world in terms of, at the same time, Chase RV RV company to become whole industry chain platform company, we now have the country’s largest Car rental fleet size, number and reach millions of internet users online operations platform level.

love Card: In the market there are also some modified Car with SAIC Chase production of vehicles based on modified Car compared to, let’s original RV What are the advantages?

Mr. Liu: The first Is the integrity of manufacturing production, the advantages of the original SAIC Chase Car models Is obvious. From design to output of our factory it Is seamless and higher product integrity; subsequent modification of the Car on the whole industry chain Is not perfect and original.

love Card: American Car culture popularity Is not particularly high, although the pace of development in recent years hasThe improved, but still far from the European and American markets. Do you think the main problem encountered in the United States RV development of what? How can I break the status quo?

Mr. Liu: the formation of the market Is the need to cultivate domestic present, whether large-scale supply of the vehicle, or the development of large-scale construction of chain growth campsites are very fast, the whole significantly speed the development of the industry. In the process, we also industry peers and reached a lot of consensus. That Is, on the one hand make their product and service offerings do, on the one hand to improve the standard of the industry, good service experience. For domestic consumers RV travel support such a widespread yearning for a better life, we as a provider of products and services to vehicle control products make good quality products, improve service experience.

love Card: the traditional passenger Car industry Is now the main “intelligent”, then on the subsequent development of the Car, SAIC Chase Will consider whether the use of intelligent technology passenger Cars to house the Car?

Mr. Liu: We’re aware of thIs Issue and the participation of our few Cars are equipped with the latest intelligent system. In the RV intelligence, mainly divided into two: one Is based Car systems we normally use; on the one hand Is the life of the intelligent Car systems. As an industry leader, intelligent trend we are rather keen to capture, and Is also reflected in the current product, we Will speed up the iterative technology to meet diversified market demands.

love Card: In addition to the functionality and comfort of the Car’s exterior, security has been a major concern, SAIC Chase for the active / passive safety driving commitments personnel have made What guarantee?

Mr. Liu: Two examples of it: 1, environmental protection and security, all of our RV materials are the most environmentally friendly, safest, including the entire production process, even more than home improvement standards are higher.

2, driving safety, with seats for example, many Car tuning modifications are secondary to the seat, but consider on driving safety Is often lacking. But we Chase the original factory Car seat design, not only to ensure the safety of the ride in the process of moving, but it also brings various states and comfortable overall experience.

in the foreseeable time to come, RV might be more acceptable to consumers, the growth rate and the proportion Will gradually accelerate, manufacturers only continue to enhance their product standards, only to meet diversified market demands.

Comments: Although the current low domestic RV recognition, but I believe in the next five to ten years, the industry Will usher in a new development of. For many enthusiasts, travel by Car, can be considered for a saloon Car, to catch up with the trend about it?