VIsit Classic Car Museum

2020.2.24 Sunday

nothing to do today, because Mr. very fond of Cars, so I decided to go to Classic Car Museum stroll. ThIs museum Is a private self-built, in Huairou. When we arrived no one to vIsit, only two of us. A large exhibition hall, the Car lot, but there Is no heating facilities, so as February of New York in terms of very cold, my hand holding the camera to shoot for a while on some frozen stiff. But individual investors, despite a 50 tickets, but few people, pointing estimated ticket sales was not good enough to survive. So the lack of some facilities Is understandable, after all, we are appreciate by Car, and vIsit the time Is not very long. We look Carefully Will tour a lap down with just over an hour.

but still with a lot of models and categories, Is worth a look. Of course, for the love of the people in terms of Car.

I think thIs Is really very fond of human curator of the Car, can collapse the heart to have patience and do Automobile Museum.

Keystone vehicle
Keystone side
Jim vehicle
bullet-proof vehicles, bullet holes

bullet-proof vehicles, bullet holes, but the glass was not broken, was quite strong.

steam Car
review Car
review Car inside the
old Car
the old-fashioned fire

MitsubIshi Jeep


classic Car

classic Car
classic Car
VW van
emancipation Car
The first Mercedes Car