Vehicles | electric cars winter car guide

cold winter weather, especially in the north,

So, the winter season use of electric vehicles need to pay attention to what?

today small for the majority of pure electric vehicles friends,

bring a winter Car Raiders!

The winter driving Car

before the


1, preheating

to deal with winter electric Car down the most effective and simplest way, before each departure, charge ahead to the Car for an hour, the battery fully warm up. ThIs also can improve mileage.

before the trip, Carried out by the red flag chi App charging an appointment in advance, and remote air conditioning warm air, make your Car change “intimate cotton jacket.”

2, the travel route optimization

Whether short commutes or long-dIstance Car, the Car can be arranged by the IVI2.0 system online services, plan your route in advance, in time for the vehicle to add power.


1, good driving habits

open in winter pure electric vehicles must slow step on the gas, avoid hard acceleration, try to keep the vehicle at a relatively steady rate. When fierce acceleration, battery electric vehicles need to release large amounts of electricity to improve speed.

to develop good driving habits can effectively reduce the loss of brake pads and battery consumption rate. So there Will be some help to improve mileage.

2, driving rain and snow

rain and snow before going out, should pay attention to check whether the accessories work status good, battery power Is sufficient.

In case of rain and snow water,Can not let the flooded center of the hub, so as to extend the pure electric Car batteries, motor life.


rain and snow, 4S shop in time to make inspection and maintenance, the front axle of the electric pure electric vehicles, the rear axle, the central axIs, the flywheel, the front fork, shock absorber a rotation fulcrum, scrubbing, and other components for lubrication.

of winter Car parking

1, long-term without

If the vehicle Is not used for long, to ensure that the remaining charge of the vehicle Is greater than 30%, and added once a month Is recommended when the ambient temperature Is greater than the electrical 5 ° C to maintain the battery state of health.

2, parking place

conditional, then try to choose a warm environment underground parking and other parking position.

3, parking i.e. charge, with the use charge

When the vehicle after use be charged immediately, since the vehicle has just stopped, the battery temperature it Is relatively high, so that the system would not have to pre-heat the battery pack, the charging efficiency can be improved.

The charging Car Winter

1, charging interface clean

to keep clean the charging interface, not water or other foreign matter. Once the water or foreign objects into the charger interface, easily causing short circuits within charging port, the impact on battery life.

2, the battery temperature Is low to select the slow charge

When the battery temperature Is low, the vehicle battery charging system Will be heated prior to charging heating, reaches a certain temperature, it can be charged, after the vehicle after use, the vehicle should be charged immediately.

3, not to “over”, nor “deficit”

are generally fixed battery capacity, it can be filled. Also, it does not complete “power vent”, Is recommended at least every time when drivingThe remaining 20% ​​of the electricity, if venting power, battery power might cause harm.

winter Is very cold, northern winter more sad.

but has a red flag for the E-HS3 friends,

and then the cold weather, perfect day Is to show the Car,

the full enjoyment it brings the perfect pure electric travel experience it!

does not take more than skills thanks!

remember to take good Care Car yo ~