Car Maintenance Is an oil change? Want a good car maintenance, these three sites do not ignore

After the Car owners are regularly bought back to the Car to do maintenance, so when it comes to Car maintenance, many people think of Is to give the Car an oil change, but think of the Car long life, but just an oil change not enough, then these parts for vehicle maintenance can not be ignored, to a longer life of vehicles.

First, the wiper blade

After a summer because of the wiper blade passes after the exposure, the wiper aging strip, easy to wear, wiper no edges, so when the ability to clean up and windshield friction becomes weak, not only that, in the cleaning wiper when rain Is also easy to scratch the glass, then the rain when driving even more dangerous , so I want to put a good Car maintenance, it Is necessary regularly repair wipers wipers Fixer.

since a long time use wiper wiper effect Will inevitably decline, then the wiper repair device can be worn wiper re-grind edges and corners, so clean the windshield when it Will obviously feel the line of sight Will be more clear, so when driving Will be more secure, so I want a good Car maintenance, repair wiper blades regularly and no less.

Second, the tire

to the Car to do maintenance, one of which also aims to reduce fuel consumption, then the only change oil Is absolutely do not, the tire also should pay attention to a large part, the low tire pressure tires, then the greater the contact area of ​​the tire and the ground, so naturally Will increase fuel consumption, so once found in the Car of the tire insufficient pressure, then it would Automatically inflate a pneumatic pump.

Because many of the inflator can now check the tire pressure of the tire, the tire pressure abnormality can Automatically find the tire pump or a pneumatic pump deflation , Will be able to ensure that the contact area between the Car and the ground Is small, so naturally when driving to reduce fuel consumption, but also to avoid a puncture occurs.

Third, the catalytic converter

Is responsible for the catalytic vaporCar exhaust emIssions, then there Will be the opening of the Car after a long time a lot of problems, Carbon Car Will be more and more, there are some low-grade oil Is to make catalytic converters clogged, slow vehicle acceleration, power decline, increased fuel consumption, then you want to improve thIs situation, we must adhere to clean catalytic converters.

Because the three-way catalyst Is difficult to dIsassemble, then they would be cleaned up with a detergent catalytic converters, catalytic converters after the end of cleaning, Car when it Will become more clear, then the three-way catalyst in soot basically cleaned the Car accelerates back to normal, so fuel consumption Will naturally come down.

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