Various car brands are launched three-cylinder engine, but it really okay

Now, as before mounted such Alto mini Car three-cylinder engine Is now filled the entire Car market. Many consumers believe that thIs Is the trend in fuel vehicles, but some consumers have held a grudge. Three-cylinder engine would happen to it? Today three small series from the perspective of the theory of all the common Car doubts on three-cylinder machine.

1. How dynamic three-cylinder engine

Because the

Current three-cylinder engine in the turbine blessing, the power level of the book can also be looked at. E.g. BMW B38 turbocharged engine outputs from 1250rpm peak torque and 4300 rpm to maintain, in the initial stage Is fun. But after all, Is turbocharged machine, you can still feel some lag when accelerating, but also due to the limitation of emIssion, high-speed overtaking really be inadequate stamina. However, in recent years as a three-cylinder machine representative of the BMW engine B38 added Vanos core technology electronically controlled stepless variable valve timing so that the whole section of the variable intake phase, electronically controlled valve opening and closing Valvetronic technology to replace a throttle valve, so that With the great engine of adjustable space. On the whole, not the pursuit of high-speed dynamic experience of the consumer view, three-cylinder engine Is still acceptable.

2. How about a three-cylinder engine fuel economy

fuel economy of the engine that white Is how fuel consumption level kind. Some people say that according to the inertia of thinking small number of small three-cylinder engine cylinder dIsplacement Is not to be fuel-efficient than comparable four-cylinder engine le? Definitely not! We can simply analogy, each cylinder likened to a man, had a total of four people eat four bowls of rice a day’s work, and now four people to share the workload of three people who, each of them how to eat a bowl of rice eat it? From the BMW 1 Series three-cylinder and four-cylinder fuel level two models can also be seen in comparIson. Seemingly less 1.5T 0.5L three-cylinder engine of dIsplacement, 56 less horsepower, but fuel economy Is not much of an advantage over 2.0T, fuel consumption advantage of three-cylinder engine did not get reflected.

three-cylinder engine models and many “small horse Cart”, for engine outputPower Is not lost on the four-cylinder engine Will continue to Carry high loads, thIs Will inevitably increase fuel consumption and more. In short, in order to run fast horse, the horse must be feed to thIs Is the everlasting truth. The increase in power Is necessarily accompanied by an increase in fuel consumption.

3. The three-cylinder machine stationary how

we all understand the opportunities that exIst triplex jitter problems, the jitter of the engine Is indeed now related to the number of cylinders. There are four steps of operation of the engine: intake, compression, power and exhaust, in one operational cycle four-cylinder engine, each cylinder in turn do the intake, compression, power, exhaust, so we smooth the power output of the coherent. If thIs time add two cylinders become six-cylinder engine, the intake air compressed two processes can be completed simultaneously two cylinders, there Will be other steps to help complete the last unfinIshed, six-cylinder machine to do the same four step overlap so the efficiency Is better and the Car inside thIs theory called “power stroke additive effect.” So eight-cylinder engine, twelve-cylinder engine Is silky smooth.

If a three-cylinder four-cylinder unit into the machine, it Is equal to at least one working cylinder, working alternately interval becomes longer, the power output Will be in generate little interruption, resulting in very consIstent, so jitter. Since the vibration caused by wear and durability make drop-cylinder machine, post maintenance costs Will increase.

Now many Car firms very hard on the Issue of three-cylinder machine shake. BMW B38 has done a lot of optimization in thIs regard, adding balance to do a balance shaft for rotation of the crankshaft of the sentence, in addition to vehicle noIse and NVH has invested a considerable amount of energy.

Conclusion: It Is now increasingly stringent emIssions regulations forced many Car companies began surgeon three-cylinder machine, machine triplex light weight, small size would cost more than a four-cylinder engine. However, Car prices in the three-cylinder machine to solve the problem caused by investment in R & D costs Is a sum of no less than a small number. Xiao Bian today to make improvements in the relatively more sophIsticated four-cylinder machine, or the use of hybrid vehicle technology Is the development trend of the future. ThIs time I think that three-cylinder machine it Is more good than harm or more harm than good?

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