Van seat split up the goods belong to illegal modifications, exactly what to do to not be punIshed?

removed after the van seat space comparable minivan, but unfortunately it Is illegal to do so, the traffic police after being caught even if you do not pick up the goods Will be in the name of “unauthorized modification of the vehicle” to you be punIshed. But in reality many of my friends have bought the van used to pick up the goods, how can we avoid being fined it? We have to talk about thIs topic.

van up the goods Why’ll be fine

(1), unauthorized modification of vehicles

a lot of pull Cargo van Will tear down the rear row of seats in even if it was caught traffic police fined the deal Is off.

(2) mixed of people and goods

ThIs it Is also a common reason, when the van up the goods because there Is no obvious barrier and spatial separation between the Cargo and crew, so just pick up the goods that people and goods must be mixed. Car with the trunk on thIs point Is much better, even if the trunk lid filled as long as the police do not normally cover the investigation because the Car trunk in space with members of the cabin are separated.

(3) the illegal operation

that belongs Highways the scope of management, once they are identified as illegal operation of that penalty, the more, basically a 2000 start. But our own Car to pull their goods Is not operating, the past few years very seldom see transportation management dealt with private vehicles, but ran Cargo van was often checked in.

(4), the Cargo violation

generally private Cars are regIstered as passenger Cars, passenger traffic law does not prohibit Cargo, but related requirements, such as Cargo weight must not exceed the maximum load regIstered, the goods need to be placed in the luggage rack or luggage. The van Is more embarrassing, a few original Car with luggage rack, but a real sense of luggage in addition to theAn outer row of seats behind the tiny hole and then not find the other places.

how to avoid being fined up the goods

life Will inevitably encounter up the goods when required, in particular, Some businessmen Is to buy up the goods van, then how can we avoid being penalized up the goods it?

(1) regIstered as trucks

van regIstered as a small closed at enrollment truck can legally pull the goods, and thIs time the body Will be labeled anti-cursor, use has changed the nature of thIs business for the long-term use up the goods, even if it Is a private Car Rama goods, then do it more harm than good.

(2) Compliance possible

do not remove the seat, the height of the goods do not along over the window, the lower the better, not too much volume, we must ensure that the door Is completely closed, so that Is not easy to find, and secondly, even if they are not serious because the police investigation easier to accommodate.