Van seat can not be removed? Grab a fine up to 2200 yuan

van Is a new efficient and comfortable means of transport, of course, thIs Is a definition of its folk, in fact, legally speaking, the definition of the van ordinary family Cars, it can not serve as a tool to pull the goods, because many owners Will value the advantages of a large van space, cheap and durable goods Will be defined as pulling tool, but tend to have a lot of friends Will be dIsassembled out the rear seats. So the question Is, to dIsassemble the rear seats Will not be punIshed police it?

In fact, the appearance of the van Is to set up the goods born, for example, using a similar truck rear leaf suspension, in addition to the advantages of low cost, another advantage Is that he Carrier Cargo capacity Is quite powerful, 1.0L dIsplacement of a van, Cargo capacity can be exceeded 20 tons, the operator can better limit, thIs natural advantage consumers decided to choose him, just to pick up the goods.

I think thIs situation we can easily see that their own move, up the goods need to be used van, but such a scenario Is actually very dangerous, because in the event of traffic police seriously, then you Will be punIshed. The reason Is simple, because you violated the traffic law.

“Road Traffic Safety Law” Article XVI states that any person can not change the structure of the motor vehicle Is regIstered, construction, features, meaning that if your van Is a three-row 7 chair models, if you removed any of a seat, changed the internal structure of the ride. Then it Is easy to understand Is that you violated. Of course, thIs Is not only illegal if you are allowed to change the color of the vehicle, Will also be punIshed. Of course, thIs Is a digression, we must pay attention.

seat removal Is the fastest, most convenient transportation a way to expand performance, but also the traffic police do not challenge the eye in thIs way, because once you get caught traffic police , then wait for your not so simple things, according to regulations, the traffic police Will punIsh you make fine, in general demolition seats, it Will be punIshed a fine of $ 200, more if you pick up the goods, violating provIsions contained goods, then, according to the provIsions of Article 92 of the “road traffic safety law”, you Will be fined 2,000 yuan, that Is quite possible that you Will make the traffic police fines 2200.

Summary: So, ah we still long snack bar, up the goods no problem, but do not remove the seat, if cautious, then please do not change the shape of the seat, after all, buy a van up the goods friends, make money or not very easy. Already in the blade go, the more we have to be Careful whom.