Used luxury cars so can sell? VIsit US auto auctions, as long as the Porsche of $ 10,000

such as ABB, Porsche, Ferrari kind of luxury Cars in U.S. Is quite popular, the price Is not cheap, even in the used Car market, vehicle age Is not long luxury Car prices tend to be quite expensive, but in the United States of a used Car dealer friend made me realize that a world never touched, thIs Is called: “Short auction” used Car auction Is quite popular.

in thIs auction, interested participants before entering the vehicle inspection personally or simply inquire about the situation with the owner of the vehicle, the vehicle approach along 12 channels, including the bidders had to wait for vehicles 2 fast bids, the highest bidder. Not counter-offer period, can not delay nor vehicle inspection. And the corresponding prices Will be quite cheap, about half the normal used Car prices, and rapid turnover, the average auction time bike about 1 minute.

auction vehicles varied, in some of these are boutique luxury Cars such as the Porsche Boxster S, vehicle age in about 10 years, the price of a new Car Is about $ 70,000, while in the auction sold only 1.2 million dollar price, closing less than 100,000 yuan, very cheap.

thIs BMW M3, the final price of $ 6,000, for the locals, with white pick almost the same.

for some huge holdings of ordinary American or Japanese CarsCar, the price Is often between a few hundred to one thousand dollars 1-2, inexpensive to outrageous. But the auction Will be like thIs only tend to invite local used Car dealer or the sale of vehicles to assess industry veteran, while the average consumer needs in thIs vIsion of high-speed shooting, often unfortunate step on mine.

for most Americans, the vehicle just daily life of an indIspensable tool. Luxury properties and the added value of the vehicle itself, compared to the brand’s reliability and economy of the vehicle concerned Is not so important, so in the United States, second-hand luxury Cars (production version), especially cheap.

ThIs second-hand Car to do small series, it really Is the envy of jealous hate ah.