Used car profiteers routines are what? Seen you not afraid

2019, the country’s second-hand Car sales of more than 10 million, the growth rate Is constantly rIsing. Presumably many riders have had the urge to buy a used Car, the reason Is that the price of a used Car Is too tempting. We all know that ordinary private Cars, the first six years can be “exempt”, that Is to say from a technical level, the first six years of a Car’s condition Is very little attenuation, especially in the maintenance of good used Car, open up Car and summoned up the courage, but do not worry about what all the interior smell.

5, 6-year-old Car used Car Is basically equal to half price, and even prospective new Car less than 3 years, compared to the new Car price advantage very obvious.

However, although the price Is attractive, brought back a lot of riders want to read for a used Car, but the real shot, when the vast majority of people and dIscouraged.


was derived from the used-Car market about the Car accident, rumors flooded Cars.

Even a used Car, buy a little point grade also have about 100,000, whose money Is not floated, and for lack of second-hand Cars expertIse of the people , natural or buying a new Car peace of mind.

but on the cake for the used Car market understanding, Car accidents, flooded Cars there?

It Is a must have, but it Is a minority, especially for about 100,000 second-hand Car Is.


Whether it Is Car accidents or flooded Cars, second-hand Car dealers dare Nachulaimai, indicating that at least can open, I had to go look. To achieve such a request, it Is bound to be repaired, packaging, fraud, beauty.

a used Car you sell 100,000, earn some money itself, not to mention fraud, beauty, cost of preparedness?

Therefore, the used Car market Is a serious Car accident, flooded Cars are generally found in luxury brand modelsOn profiteers to scrap Car prices recover, then beauty, packaged to sell the price of a normal Car, to earn high profits.

want to buy a second-hand luxury Cars so for a small partner, must turn to professional personnel, used Car fraud profiteers ability to absolutely beyond your imagination.

Well, today to talk about pie and everyone used Car profiteers of several routines, if you look at a used Car when it came, it must be turned around and left, never to hesitate, otherwIse unable to withstand flicker, Will be taken.

1, ultra-low-cost Car in different places

Now we find the source of used Cars are used the Internet to read, but the so-called “big woods, what birds are” always online to see some low-cost source of Cars, low prices people can not help heart, for such low-cost source of Cars, especially foreign Cars source, we can exceptionally watch out.

sky Will not fall, used Car Is the truth.

Why Is the price so low?

perhaps the Car accident, flooded Cars, it Is only worth such a price.

pie you ever seen such profiteers, linked to the Internet an ultra low-cost Car, the picture looked very good, but you actually went to see it, he Will tell you thIs Car does have, but it Is a serious Car accident scrapped, the picture Is a good Car with a map.

For such profiteers you really did not get hIs way, especially in off-site source of Cars, you unfamiliar, he Is playing you, you in addition to heart a few curse no other way, wasted travel expenses.

super cheap second-hand Cars have no good Car? Yes, but very rarely. Unless the original owner was a wooden club, ultra low-cost Car sold hIs own Car business, but who do not sell Cars online estimate a price? For deviate much from the market price of low-priced Cars or wIser, or if off-site source of Cars, then you do not believe.

2, has vowed to ensure the Car, went to the scene and no

ThIs approach profiteers in all walks of life are common, such as Computer City Nanjing Zhujiang consumers often buy a computer when they were cheated of thIs routine, the profiteers of thIs move Is temporary so that you do not see the familiar change models, so that profiteers Will be able to take the initiative, to reap greater benefits.

For such a guarantee in advance a Car, went to the Car and no business, no explanation man of integrity, regardless of hIs other recommendations pie out how good the Car, do not ignore the , such as Car dealers and deal too rIsky.

3, does not give you watch driving license, vehicle regIstration present commercially or let you copy the frame number of the Car dealer

with so regIstration certificate and identity Card of thIs green Paper and other vehicles, buying a used Car Is the first to look at these two, in order to prove that the Car has a legal formalities.

If you have been vague about to show you Is not driving license and regIstration of thIs Green Paper, or the chassIs number does not give you a copy, it Is estimated that the Car Is not a small tricky, because there are the chassIs number of the Car’s maintenance, dangerous condition records can be found.

encounter such a case, the U-turn immediately left.

4, kept urging Car dealer your next deposit

When Car dealers urge you next stop deposit when you have to be Careful, nothing less than the two cases:

First, overpaid for the Car, Car dealers fear cooked ducks fly, and second, the Car did not have a problem you are seen.

5, does not take you to the store’s Car dealers

obviously have a physical store does not take you, but to a large fee ZHOU Zhang’s Car out to you?

It sounds tricky.

6, do not sign a formal contract, and only the deposit receipt

such a Car dealer until you’re ready money be sure to mention the Car when you put together because writing on the deposit receipt Is very simple, profiteers operability Is very strong.

For example:

you want the full amount mention Cars, profiteers Will say good about the price before a loan to mention Cars, then the full amount to add 10000;

before the time of the deposit under the obviously commercial insurance, to mention Cars when they become commercially advantageous additional money;

a Car used Car a price, a vehicle in a Car, met a good used Car should indeed be decIsive start, but buying a used Car decIsive ≠ blind and arbitrary. In particular, we want to be able to if the other party profiteers screening of “temperament”, the election of a reliable Car dealer Is half the battle.