US Transportation Secretary said that the US government Will soon announce a new autonomous vehicles Guide

When the Xinhua News Agency, Detroit, January 14 (Reporters Wang Ping and Xu Jing) – US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao on the 14th to participate in the North American Auto Show in Detroit represents an event, Trump government plans to announce new guidelines Autonomous vehicles thIs summer, It aims to provide more convenience for the development and production of Automobile manufacturers Autonomous vehicles. Elaine Chao spoke at the event, said the new guidelines not only solve the problem of developing Autonomous vehicles, Car manufacturers Will also use the Autopilot technology to the bus, subway and other public transportation systems and other means of transport to remove obstacles. Chao said about the goal Is to “eliminate unnecessary obstacles to the development and integration of new technologies Autopilot.” She stressed that the government for Car manufacturers in the development of new technology “Is flexible” Government’s role Is not to pick winners and losers, nor Will different technologies favoritIsm. Last September, the US Department of Transportation Issued guidelines version 2.0 Automatically drive a Car, to Car manufacturers greater freedom to test Autonomous vehicles. (End)