US regulations in compliance with the Ford Mustang not only the price difference, and interior configuration also a great difference!

today gave you a little brother does not lose one million civilians sports Car – the Ford Mustang also been called “civilian Ferrari.”

The origin of the name

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First, because it Is a sports Car; two Is because it’s also the same with the Ferrari logo, Is a horse; the third Is of course because it Is the price Is very close to the people, about 300,000 Will be able to win, and at one point had squeezed into the top ten parallel imported Cars imported Cars, sports Cars Is the only one to enter the charts.

in the regulation of parallel imports VS

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Mustang fierce competition and the regulation of parallel imports on the market now, many owners do not know how to start, with regard to the basic phase of low with US regulatory rules in comparIson with today see if you are correct to judge the market.

Comparative Configuration

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first, from the appearance Is more obvious Is the rear light, because the regulation Is white Canadian and US regulatory rules are red, very good identification. Followed by side, the first mirror Is, the larger gauge, the less the US regulations, and without heating function, with the function in the regulation, there Is no turn signal, only the installation of a pair of fender small turn signals, followed by a hub are not the same, the regulation Is a 19 inch, 18 inch and uS regulations Is,

let us look almost exactly the same the only difference Is that a headlight inside the US rules of three vertical-shaped daytime running lights can be bright, but not in the regulation, the regulation merely decorative.

Then we look at the outside inside, there are two, materials and configurations. First of all that material, in compliance with leather interiors based, including door panels and seats, while the United States Is the rule upholstery fabric type, it can not be compared to say who Is good and who’s bad, each have their own good. Differences in configuration Is also quite large, first in regulation seats with heating and ventilation functions, but no US regulations.

Second, in the control panel, the US regulations Is a 4.2-inch small screen, while the regulation Is an 8-inch screen and more navigation Features. Below the control panel, the US regulations only manual air conditioning, while the regulation Is two-zone Automatic air conditioning. The air conditioning below the knob in the regulation offers four driving modes: daily, sports, track and rain and snow, while the US regulations did not. Sound, the regulation Is in 12 Shaker stereo speakers, only the United States and the rules of ordinary stereo 6 speakers.

Car lights, there are two differences in the regulation have ambient lighting, welcome pedal lights, and ground Mustang logo lights, three US regulations nor.

Comparative price

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Finally Is the price, although there are concessions in regulation, but US regulations still to be cheaper, about 300,000 can be won.

a good Car benefits summary

for the parallel importation of wild horses in compliance with the Mustang, the benefits of a good Car Is a fair evaluation, although the entertainment configuration rules may be more attractive to the eye, but a more handsome appearance of the same power, parallel importation of wild horses able to win 300,000 Is estimated to be more affected by welcome.