US production of imported cars increased by 25% tariffs of more than American cars

Automotive News( industry Tariff CommIssion decided to tariff originating in the US Car 106, 14 commodity categories levy 25% of. We first see thIs message can think of Is the Lincoln models such as Tesla and I am afraid to rIse in price, but can be influenced not only American Car, the young master your fancy BMW X6 M or Acura NSX intended as a 18-year-old next year birthday gift, may now require advance purchase.

25% increase in tariffs, the implementation date to be determined

April 4, 2019, according to the “Chinese People Foreign Trade law of the Republic “and” relevant provIsions of the People’s Republic of U.S. import and export tariff regulations “, approved by the State Council tariff CommIssion decIsion on the origin of goods in class 14 106 American Cars, chemicals, and other imposed a 25% tariff. The implementation date for the implementation of specific dates I trade tariffs with the US government being given by the State Council Tariff CommIssion announced separately.

According to the lIst we can see that the US production of emIssions than conventionally powered Cars of 1.5L / SUV / 9 Zuo less MPV, the dIsplacement of more than 1.0L plug-in Car / SUV / 9 Zuo less MPV, pure electric vehicles, less than 5 tons of gasoline trucks, transmIssions and other Auto parts and other models are in thIs range of tariffs.

how much up?

The import tax calculation formula given official dIsplay, tariff paid price tariff = Γ— (currently applicable tariff rate tariffs +). The original domestic tariffs on imported Cars Is 25%, plus a portion of the additional levy, the final tariffs on imported Cars Will reach 50%.

before the tariff increase, imports of US production vehicle excIse tax / combined tax rate passenger Car emIssions consumption tax rate integrated rate 0 (electric vehicle) 0% 46.25% 0.1-1L 1% 47.73% 1.0-1.5L 3% 50.77% 1.5-2.0L 5% 53.95% 2.0-2.5L 9% 60.71% 2.5-3.0L 12% 66.19% 3.0-4.0L 25% 95% 4.0L above 40% 143.75%

that the tax increase to the consumer For specific person Will have much impact? Currently imported Cars to shore after taxes to be paid as follows: First, 25% of the tariff; and in accordance with the dIsplacement-dependent consumption tax; and finally the VAT.

In particular import taxes calculated πŸ™ passenger tariff rate of 25%, the VAT rate Is 17%)

tariff = declaration price Γ— tariff

consumption tax = (declaration price + tariff) / (1 – consumption tax rate) Γ— consumption tax

= VAT (price + customs duties + excIse) Γ— VAT rate

The above Is all import taxes after a Car Is required to pay to the bank, which does not include purchase tax aspects buyer Is required to pay.

In addition, according to the formula a tax increase Is also not difficult to see, although imposed 25% tariffs on imported Cars for an additional US production, but because of the VAT Is the basIs of the tariff the levy, so the final increase in total taxes Is more than 25%.

can be seen that, for the dIsplacement of 3.0L or less models, the growth rate Is substantially concentrated in the upper and lower 30%; and for models 3.0-4.0L terms, an increase of It has reached 39%; tax rate increase of more than 4.0L dIsplacement models big face directly reached 48.75%, consolidated tax rate Is soaring to 192.5%.

at a price of 300,000 yuan declaration of 2.0L dIsplacement models, for example, the total cost before tariffs of about 461,850 yuan. And after imposing a 25% tariff, the cost to go up about 554,210 yuan, rIsing costs are expected to have an impact on the price of imported Cars in the United States.

US Department of Cars affected

plus increase tariffs on imported Cars to the United States, certainly bear the brunt of American Car brand. US Department of Cars to Ford, GM, Chrysler Big Three Auto group based, as well as the leading brand of electric vehicles Tesla.

β—† Ford / Lincoln

Ford / Lincoln imported models

Ford Explorer by Ford Mustang Ford F-150 Raptor (Raptor) Ford GT Lincoln MKC Lincoln MKZ Lincoln MKX Lincoln navigator Lincoln Continental Lincoln currently all models are imported from the United States, the events might accelerate long Anlin Ken domestic projects.

The new Lincoln MKC It Is worth noting that the upcoming world premiere at the New York Auto Show the next-generation global Ford Focus production in Germany and the United States only, the future of the US market by the US Fox plans to export to the US market. Ford Will also be possible to change the plan.

a new generation of Fox ad shooting scene

β—† GM: Buick / Chevrolet / Cadillac

General imported models

snow Chevrolet Camaro snow δ½›ε…°εΊ“η½—εΎ· Chevrolet cable Rhodes Buick Enclave Cadillac CTS Cadillac Escalade take the amount of GM’s large models U.S.-made parts are already affected are a small number of imported models. Kore Is said that a new generation Will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show thIs month, I do not know if they would introduce. In addition, the United States in the sale of US exports by Ang Kewei, the future Will perhaps there are some variables.

generation Kore

β—† FCA: Chrysler / Jeep

Chrysler imported models

Chrysler 300C Chrysler Grand Voyager Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep Wrangler Dodge Viagra Chrysler several years ago and Fiat merged to form FCA Group’s business in U.S. the best to the number of domestic Jeep, United States the basic difficulty in marketing imported models. The greatest impact Is the upcoming Auto show in New York next-generation Wrangler 2.0T. The policy implementation date to be determined, on the upcoming US imported Cars look like a time bomb for less time.

a new generation Wrangler

Affected by thIs News, shares relevant US Carmakers fell. Chrysler’s stock fell 2.52% in premarket Ford dIskThe former fell 1.35%, down 3.22% before Versatile DIsc.

No wonder the tariffs for the Automobile Association executive vice president of Dong Yang bluntly: “Sino-US cooperation Is mutually beneficial cooperation in the Car, absolutely beneficial to the United States, if not in the United States development of the market, the US General Motors, Ford, Chrysler Big three Auto companies Will become a second-rate company! “

β—† Tesla

import Cars Tesla

Tesla model S

Tesla model X Tesla model 3 in addition to the traditional Big three, as well as new Tesla Is the United States imported models. The Sino-US mutual tax increases, and ultimately fueled Tesla CEO Musk.

due Maske Trump had complained in March, the US Car firms to set up factories in the United States are not allowed to own more than 50% of the property, ” but in the US there are five property owned 100% of all US electric Car company. ” He also said that the US Auto “to enter the United States to pay a 25% tariff, but the American Car to the United States to pay only 2.5% (tariff), 10 to 1”

Tesla domestic plan dragged on, it has now been heard. If the United States of America imported Cars imposed a 25% tariff implemented, then go to the White House Musk Trump hold the crying thigh.

German Cars

The tariffs target can be more than the US Department of Cars, but production of all US imports in the United States Car, which spread to the German and Japanese Car brand.

β—† Volkswagen Group

little more roots in the US market Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Group passenger Cars in U.S. Is currently no imported Cars in the United States. Volkswagen brand in the United States Is the only factory Chattanooga plant, the main production Passat (Passat), Atlas(Ang way). The United States in the sale of Jetta (Super Proton) and Tiguan Allspace (Tiguan L) Is produced in Volkswagen plant in Mexico.

Atlas R-line

a new generation of Q5

aspects of Audi, the only factory in North America, also in Mexico. In addition to the United States for special version Q5L, global market a new generation of the Audi Q5 Is provided by the Mexican plant.

β—† Daimler

Daimler imported models Mei -Benz – Benz GLE

Mercedes – Benz GLE Coupe

Mercedes – Benz GLS Mercedes -AMG GLE Mercedes -AMG GLE Coupe Mercedes -AMG GLS Mercedes – Benz R class Mercedes-Benz Cars sold in U.S. are mainly affected GLE and GLS two high-end SUV, which also introduced GLE GLE Coupe coupe version of the standard BMW X6, these Cars are produced in the US Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama .

AMG GLE63 Coupe



In addition, R-class Mercedes same Alabama factory, but the Car was dIscontinued in 2019.

β—† BMW Group

BMW imported models


BMW X5 M BMW X6 BMW X6 M and, like Mercedes-Benz, BMW factory production in the United States are also major SUV, with the Americans love thIs SUV does not relationship. In addition to the X1 / X2, the United States Spartanburg BMW plant includes all the high-end SUV, including the upcoming birth of the BMW brand’s first full-size SUV Cars X7.

X3 M40i

X4 M40d

X5 xDrive40e

X6 M

BMW X7 In addition, the old BMW Z4 also from US Spartanburg plant, the Car had been dIscontinued in 2016. Z4 with a new generation Toyota Supra same platform, the Magna OEM production in Graz, Austria.

Japanese Cars

β—† Toyota / Lexus

Toyota and Volkswagen’s two largest Car companies are invariably not the US factories produced imports of US market, that was a far-sighted?

a new generation of Avalon

Lexus ES

many networkFriends said that Guangdong Is the Japanese base camp, in fact, the real Japanese stronghold in the United States. The United States Is the largest market for Japanese Cars, has been reluctant to adhere to the production of domestic Lexus in Japan, Is the world’s only overseas factories in the United States. However, Lexus showed that US factories produced ES only in the US market, not exports.

β—† Honda / Acura

Honda / Acura models imported

Acura RDX

Acura MDX Acura NSX

and Lexus are not the same, the same Is born from Japanese luxury brand Acura in North America, Is a comprehensive production in the United States. In Japan, Acura Is for the specimen field. In other words, Japan can not buy the Acura brand Cars. Even the so-called EGL Ferrari’s new generation Acura NSX, but also exported to Japan from the United States mainland and then for Honda marked the sale. Acura says the United States Is the brand can not be overemphasized. Acura NSX

generation RDX

MDX A-spec

Honda Pilot

in the sale of the Acura RDX Is imported from the United States, but soon not. Domestic new generation of New York Automobile Acura RDX Will be available by the end of 2019.

β—† NIssan / Infiniti

NIssan / Infiniti imported models

Infiniti QX60

Infiniti QX60 Is only an American production.

Summary: the engagementBenefits both From April 2nd U.S. announced a $ 3 billion from the United States imported products imposed tariff measures, the US time on April 3, the US Trade Representative’s office announced about $ 50 billion of US goods tariffs, then U.S. has just announced the US trade tax of about $ 50 billion, we all feel that Sino-US trade war to open shot.

The MinIstry of Commerce has responded: U.S. Is not Willing to play a “trade war”, because there Is no winner in the “trade war” in. If someone insIsts fight, we Will fight in the end, if someone Is Willing to talk, the door Is open.

Once a 25% tax increase really started, then the above mentioned imported Cars from the United States Will face a substantial increase for ordinary consumers and Car manufacturers in terms of not Got a good new. (Article: Automotive News( Xie Peng)