US media named 2019 best family cars of the 11 car models come out on top in the host level

the best domestic large suv: 2019 Ford conqueror, since 2019 models debut, Ford conqueror has been well received, these comments make it the best large SUV family award . Most Car conquerors beyond the objectives pursued by Reporters, has an incredible lIst of family-friendly features. It’s all three rows USB interface Is suitable for all devices, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, after a 360-degree view camera and a rear-seat entertainment system. All three rows of seating space conquerors are very good, the third row Is easy to reach, because even if the Car seat Is installed, the second row Is no exception.

the best 2-row seat luxury home suv: 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE, Mercedes – Benz GLE second consecutive year Best Luxury home two rows SUV. Although it Is not like other sports luxury SUV that has a characterIstic, but GLE good at dealing with any problem families thrown. With excellent passenger and trunk space and rear-seat entertainment, rear heated seats, Automatic lift gates, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto function and other functions, GLE make everyone feel comfortable. GLE’s LATCH connectors also received a “good” rating, which means that the Car seat Is installed in the GLE Is easier than many of its competitors.

Best Luxury home midsize sedan: 2019 Audi A6, A6 have the same level of one of the most spacious rear seats, where the stretch when the kids when they can enjoy the heated rear seats and sunshades. A6 also has a panoramic camera, traveling Automatic braking and lane keeping assIst function. AHS Class II for LATCH connectors provide a “good” rating means that the Car seat into the A6 Is an easy thing.

the best compact-class household suv: 2019 Honda CR-V, Honda CR-V in the past seven years has won the Best Compact SUV family Award. CR-V provides ample space for passengers and luggage, coupled with excellent reliability and safety rating, making it suitable for familiesThe SUV. Nevertheless, CR-V Is not only safe, space and reliability are good detained. It also has a pleasant additional features, such as Apple CarPlay, Automatic tailgate and rear USB ports.

the best two rows of seats home suv: 2019 Ford sharp boundary, most of the SUV are spacious, but the 2019 Ford Edge has a very family important space. It’s back seat Is one of the largest seat the same level, its trunk space Is very good. Rui sector also has many features – including heated rear seats, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Automatic tailgate – make driving home a little more comfortable. Has a sharp boundary Ford’s MyKey system that allows parents to set limits on teen drivers. It also has a front Automatic braking and lane keeping assIstance and other security features to help prevent accidents, regardless of who the driver yes.

the best domestic luxury compact suv: 2019 Audi Q5, Audi Q5 third time to get the best compact family SUV award. According to the information the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Is, Q5 has excellent crash test scores, and LATCH connector and the Car seat installation easier. Q5 also has a number of active safety features, such as pedestrian detection, Automatic braking and lane keeping assIst. All-wheel drive Is standard. Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and other technical features such as Android Auto Is ideal for passenger entertainment, and such as the awnings, heated rear seats and three-zone climate control and other functions of the Q5 become a comfortable place to rest

the best 3-row seat home suv: 2019 Chevrolet Traverse, Chevrolet Traverse 2019 Is the best three-row SUV, when you step inside, it Is easy to understand Why. Traverse can take up to eight seats, all seats are comfortable, including the third row. The Car handling Is good, it not only has a more family-friendly features than any other three-row SUV, which almost all other Cars have a more family-friendly features than the market. Highlights include all three rows of seats USB port, Car Wi-Fi, rear-seat entertainment system and Automatic tailgate. Traverse active and passive safety features include a camera system 360, Automatic braking, Lane Keeping AssIst, pedestrian detection, traffic alerts and rear adaptive cruIse control. However, the security function does not stop there. Traverse rear seats also provide alerts to prevent the baby fall, teen driver control device to ensure that new drivers develop good habits and stay safe.

Best Large sedan: 2019 Kia Cadenza, Cadenza has a first class driving space, both the Car seat space, but also go out to eat at the customer Will not let you embarrass decorated lunch. It also has a camera such as looking around, after awning, Automatic tailgate and rear heated seats and other features – you can usually find it on the SUV or luxury sedan. Teen driver control and tracking via smartphone applications, the Cadenza become older children wIse choice.

the best home MPV: 2019 Honda Odyssey, Odyssey of the second row of seats can slide back and forth not only, but also sliding around – so the family can be in any for the way they configure it. Odyssey also has available functions, such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and in-vehicle camera system, what happens on the rear seat infotainment screen may be to the limit. Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay Android Auto, and rear-seat entertainment system with an enormous viewing screen Is icing on the cake.

the best domestic mid-size Car: the 2019 Toyota Camry, Toyota Camry sedan redesigned midsize sedan won the Best Family Prize. ThIs Is the Camry’s first victory, and showed a good redesign can be performed using the name of the iconic Car and make it fresh. Camry not only has excellent crash test scores, and its remodeled interior has more rear seat and trunk space. Toyota’s suite of active safety features such as Automatic braking and lane keeping assIst system Is standard on the Camry – You must be in the other Car of similar functionality at an additional cost. There Is also a CamryPanoramic camera, even in the case of the little guy running around, you can also easily secure parking.

the best three rows household luxury suv: 2019 BMW X5, in addition to control and power the BMW name in line outside, X5 also has a wealth of technical and safety characterIstic. X5 using Automatic braking travel, the pedestrian detection 360 and the rear view camera. It also has a rear awning, three-zone climate control and heated rear seats, so that everyone feels comfortable. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Wi-Fi and available rear-seat entertainment features can make everyone a place.