US global recall of 900,000 vehicles, there Is no quick look at your car?

at No. 19 thIs month, the largest US Auto manufacturer announced that it would recall more than 900,000 Cars in the world, these Cars have anti-lock safety hazards and fire safety hazards, including: more than 550,000佛兰索罗德 snow vehicles, Cadillac, Shiraz Car. The Cars which potentially could lead to software failures Automotive brake system failure, although Car manufacturers said thIs rarely happens, but it does not guarantee that Will not occur. Software may cause Automotive electronic stability control or anti-lock braking system there Is a greater rIsk of failure, the only way to solve Is to recall the Car, be resolved by the dealers to update the software.

Further recall total of 40 million units Chevrolet, Suoluo De, Shiraz Car, which Is recalled as a battery positive cable Car of thIs batch ring may have used an excessive amount of glue, it could lead to overheating and even cause a fire hazard stall during use.

above models Is the total number of vehicles GM Will recall the United States in the world, thIs time to recall also did not rule out the US market. So there are more models of friends, please contact the dealer as soon as possible remove the security rIsk of your Car. ThIs Is also the case in recent years in various efforts, the United States Will not deal with the Car and finally to the US Auto market difference. US vehicles without recalls a security rIsk areas.

Recently, the State AdminIstration of announcement in the US market Will also recall 270,000 vehicles. ThIs includes the Volkswagen, Ford, KIA, Mercedes and BMW and other brands.

The recall includes both the potential rIsks of such a substantial part of the airbag rIsks, including the production of such a track record Is incomplete software problems. State safety Car Is gradually increasing control. Many thought before small problems do not recall and recall problem countries Will now mandatory recall. After all, security Is no small matter, driving on the road every Car must guarantee absolute safety.

at home and a Car friends recommended a lot of attention to the State AdminIstration of market surveillance official website. ThIs platform Will release relevant News in Automotive safety in the most timely and most authoritative News. If there are security rIsksContact your dealer promptly resolved. Safe driving Is no small matter, do not think that some of the software Issues can be overlooked when you are driving on the road, when there may be minimal because of problems caused by a large security rIsk. Who do not want to see.

but we are also not trusting to luck. News Some friends feel that they are buying a Mercedes-Benz, BMW such a large import goods, brand even if there Is some small problems Will not cause much impact. The results have very serious consequences occurred during driving. Because the family Is a little more luck caused irreparable regret. I hope that we can solve your mailing Car dealer Car more attention to the problems of a similar message without any harm to you