US Detroit 25th Dream CruIse classic cars, classic cars top event

The third Saturday of August each year Is the annual Greater Detroit, Michigan area held Woodward Avenue Dream CruIse classic Cars (Woodward Dream CruIse) Day. The world-famous event thIs year Is the twenty-fifth.

dream trip (which started in 1995, at the start of fundraIsing activities for the construction of Ferndale football field. In short within a short few years, it Will become the world’s largest one-day Automotive event.

dream trip Is only nominally day event in fact, activities related to continuing a week long. thIs year’s event from August 9 had already started. That night, Fiat Chrysler Dodge (Dodge) the roar of the road night (Roadkill nights) activity on for the dream week activities kicked off the whole week, each Automobile factory, Auto parts factory are arrayed on both sides of Woodward Avenue, holding various promotional activities, to August 17, various events reached its peak.

on the 17th day of the Woodward Avenue dream CruIse classic Cars Is the world’s largest one-day Automotive event from the event 9:00 start to 21:00 end. According to the organizers website, the day of the event attracted more than 40,000 vehicles classic Cars and more than one million vIsitors from around the world VIsitors. On thIs day, a variety of collection Cars, antique Cars, modified Cars, sports Cars are gathered in Detroit, Car Carnival activities held on Woodward Avenue.

Woodward Avenue through nine cities in the greater Detroit area, from north to south, there are Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Birmingham, Berkley, Huntington Woods, Royal Oak, Pleasant Ridge, all the way to Fendale.

from the evening 9To start on the 17th in the evening, Woodward Avenue became a downtown, a busy lane, open space on both sides of each Car also parked classic era, on the sidewalk crowds in, sit on the lawn sides of the road full of spectators, a lot of people a few days ago began to tent, put the seat, accounted for a good position in advance.