US Consumer Reports midsize sedan Rated Games

United States of America other Cars Consumer Reports has evaluated all levels, as huge sales of mid-size sedan, nature Is to be evaluated. In the mid-Car evaluation, in addition to Ford fusion and outside the country for sale, although the dual-clutch some Cars there Is a difference in power, such as Kia K5, Hyundai Sonata in the United States and Passat Automatic transmIssion only manual gearbox, in the country Toyota Camry in the country to have a 2.0 version, the United States Is 2.5 started, the Accord in the United States there Is the 2.0T, 1.5T of the country only. However, the lIst Is to some extent can be used as a reference.

score Charting

First, number one Is the Subaru Legacy, its excellent handling and comfortable chairs, so that reviewers He gave it a high score of 88, although power was almost, but it did not drop points in other ways. Unfortunately, in the domestic Car sales were flat not to be seen.

Subaru Legacy

second Hyundai-Kia K5, Korean Cars have made rapid progress in recent years in Europe, the United States, gradually gained consumer recognition, relying more balanced strength over the perennial rival Camry and Accord, although sales in the United States a lot worse than the opponent, but it Is a force can not be ignored.

Kia K5

Toyota Camry finIshed third, eighth-generation Camry, the new TNGA architecture, great changes in reliability, than ever declined, the score down a lot, before Camry Is ranked first, and the next updated lIst can recover?


Fourth, the Honda Accord, handling 89 points, comparable with the Subaru Legacy, but also dropped a reliability grade, only gave a moderate evaluation, which Is probably related to updating perhaps Accord just big, new Car market Is still not in a hurry to start.


Fifth, Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat, the Car Will get 81 points of evaluation, which the Korean system Is really quite awesome, Which has five two, due to the dual-clutch defects itself, which should set the score in the top models of manual gearboxes.

Then there are recommended Mazda Ate Zi, NIssan Teana. The recommended eight models, the Japanese accounted for a section 5, the United States Is considered a mid-size Car they dominate the.