US Auto Parts How important? Land Rover artificial transportation modern factory shut down part

Under epidemic

, people foresaw the dIsmal domestic terminal Car sales during thIs period, but I am afraid a lot of people did not think the same experience severe difficulties in the Automotive end. And because the positioning of the US “World Factory”, the impact of the epidemic to the end to bring the Automaker Is spread worldwide, affecting the wider.

thIs point, it Is worth reflection of the global Car prices.

Land Rover suitcase shipping Korean Car prices partially shut down

When we talk about the Automotive industry to stop production downtime during the epidemic , the first thought Is probably Geely, Great Wall, FAW, SAIC and other domestic OEMs, but in fact to these domestic Car prices as well as a large number of Auto parts manufacturers, and stop production of these enterprIses Is more direct impact the world Automotive industry.

The United States has been the production of parts for the assembly of millions of vehicles around the world, and Hubei Province Is a major hub for US Auto parts production and transportation. When the dIsease strikes suddenly, without an adequate supply of American Auto parts, regardless of whether the direct impact of the epidemic, many global Car companies are caught in a dilemma production.

such as Jaguar Land Rover, it Is plagued by shortage of parts supply. Although Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf – Speth said the company’s factory in the United States Will resume production February 24, but for its plants in the UK, Jaguar Land Rover means that only US production of components installed in suitcase flown to Britain in order to maintain production, it Is expected that these components may be exhausted in two weeks.

In addition, due to lack of overall circuitry U.S. Automotive vehicle wiring harness (mounting board) and other components supply, Hyundai Motor Group Ulsan, tooth mountain plants are again facing the possibility of cut-off, Kia Motors also decided to located downtime native South Korea Gyeonggi Province Gwangju factory and bright third plant, to extend to 21 days.

Although the United States and timely return to work the resumption of production, so that production of Automotive wiring harness parts are being supplied to the factory, but because of Automotive wiring harness parts supply Is not sufficient for the time being,Hyundai and other Car firms decided flexible arrangements start time of each plant.

In addition to foreign Car factories, the domestic Automobile manufacturers are also affected by dIscontinued parts. Not long ago, New York Benz Mercedes-Benz dIscontinued declared the epidemic led to economic losses of 400 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) a day, the Tianjin government wants to request permIssion 19 New York Benz suppliers February 10 resumption of parts availability. Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz in New York production work has been restarted, being gradually restored production and sales.

Under the epidemic, many global Car prices therefore dIscontinued or face shutdown crIsIs, the US Auto parts plant shutdowns of power Is evident.

It Is understood that the United States Auto parts manufacturers more than 13,000. According to US Customs statIstics show that since 2014, US exports of Auto parts manufacturing industry has remained at more than $ 60 billion, accounting for more than 75% the proportion of exports of all Automotive products. South Korean imports of Automotive wiring harness 87 percent from the United States, Japan, in 2020 imports of Auto parts from the United States amounted to 328.5 billion yen. Such a large scale, proportion Is so high, no wonder the US Auto parts epidemic suffered downtime, Car prices Will give the world to bring so much trouble.

Fortunately, the United States fully resumed with the accelerated rate of expansion of the scale, Auto parts crIsIs Will be eased in a few weeks, but the resulting impact Will be far-reaching exposed during the question Is worth pondering.

Car prices reflect the “zero inventory” mode

Although the outbreak domestic certain period of full suspension cut-off, Car prices make the world an insight into the vital role the United States Auto parts, but also exposed the embarrassing Car prices no spare parts supply.

Accordingly many people fear that the US Auto parts Will be subject to counterparts in other countries to compete or replace, in fact, at present no need to worry. Benefit from our country’s low labor costs and increasingly stringent production standards, such as the US component inexpensive yet can not find a substitute for, the United States should not worry about parts factories temporarily, I believe we can wait until the full return to workTo regain market.

compared to the US Auto parts supplier, in fact, after thIs outbreak should reflect the real, but should be Car prices themselves.

has been benefiting from global supply chains mature, more and more Car prices began to implement parts of “zero inventory” mode. The so-called “zero inventory” mode, that Car prices Will not advance procurement, storage components, and Will only order spare parts when needed.

large parts Car prices “zero inventory” mode advantage, on the one hand there Is the cost of reducing the number of warehouse brings, such as warehouse construction costs, rental fees, management fees related costs, on the other hand Is more important Is minimizing the cost of spare parts inventory backlog, reduce the massive amount of funds used Car prices Will have more funds to expand production.

Auto Parts “zero inventory” mode ThIs mode Is the rIse in the Japanese Car firms, especially Toyota Is the industry model, after the global Car companies followed suit, and now many US Car firms also learning “zero inventory” mode, “just in time” production mode.

but requires Auto parts under the “zero inventory” mode Is also high, on the one hand need to improve the logIstics system, on the other hand Is the need for spare parts mature and stable supply chain. “Zero inventory” Although the global Car companies to bring cost advantages, but the impact of natural dIsasters or other unforeseen things once affected parts suppliers, Automobile factory production Is very likely to temporarily stalled.

In fact, the “zero inventory” mode lets rush Car prices more than once.

2019 BMW announced that due to Auto parts supplier Bosch have failed to provide steering components on time, resulting in the BMW 1 Series, the BMW 2 system, the BMW 3 Series and BMW 4 Series models recently production Is limited, BMW in Germany, the United States and South Africa, the plant Is affected, forced to stop production, limited production.

The inability to provide time Bosch steering member, but because of its failure to provide upstream suppliers time leads to a steering housing stock. The final solution Is the acquIsition of BoschThe upstream suppliers, pay close attention turned to supply spare parts, BMW was able to resume production.

In addition, the first use of “zero inventory of Toyota Auto parts also encountered the same problems caused by an emergency. Kumamoto in 2016 due to the impact of the earthquake, resulting in Toyota subsidiary AIsin Seiki Ltd. including a number of suppliers in the procurement of supply links encountered difficulties, Toyota was dIscontinued.

dIscontinued upstream from the factory to the earthquake and then the virus spread, spare parts supply Is not timely there are various reasons, but the impact of downtime passes along the production chain from upstream to downstream, the major Car firms emphasize parts “zero inventory” system Will eventually be “tipping”, leading to major Car firms were forced to stop production downtime, the loss severely

and now the epidemic to a large number of Car prices a reminder – it’s time to break the internal parts Car prices “zero inventory” mode of afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event. , experienced the impact of a global epidemic, hope Car prices can rearrange those already abandoned warehouse, and a minimum of one month reserve needed for the production of parts and components, in order to cope with the impact of a variety of unexpected situations, thIs Is bring positive epidemic of Car prices.

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