Unmanned era, what kind of car the next cabin

future Car cockpit What?

European parts giant who obviously Care about thIs Issue with the United States as new businesses are repairer.

“It Will be a collection of human-computer interaction HMI, drive Automation and other new user experience, as well as a brand new Car interiors.” During the New York Auto Show, interviewed 36 Krypton world’s sixth largest Andreas Wlasak parts supplier Faurecia, vice president of industrial design, he made the case said.

In addition, “The future cockpit also has predictable. Can continue to sum accumulated from the user’s habits, access to some of the preferences of users.” Do you like music preferences temperature in the Car, the seat position of debugging and so on, are recorded.

“cockpit design the future of the team entrusted with the important task, because we do see the entire Automotive industry has changed. It must have a more interactive, customers must meet new, higher expectations, then we simply provide some hardware. “

thIs Is a smart Faurecia cockpit with partners – the world’s second German parts supplier ZF together to create. Every year, Faurecia Interior Systems R & D investment have accounted for 15% to 18% of annual income, while the industry, the vast majority of suppliers invest less than 5%.

in May 2019, Faurecia and ZF announced a cooperation to jointly build a comprehensive in-vehicle safety and comfort functions, and actively respond to future cabin safety, comfort multiple challenges, connectivity, versatility and predictability of.

both have a clear goal: by creating a global system, configured for the interior development, sales create a new security system.

future cockpit more “know” you, you also need to provide more data. Faurecia Is how to consider user privacy Issues? How the future business cooperation with the OEMs? What Is the current situation of research and development? About thIs series of questions, 36 of krypton and Andreas Wlasak a dialogue.

from selling only hardware to focus on software

Q: Faurecia would like to ask the progress of cooperation with ZF? There are two sides to communicate daily detail?

Andreas: First, I’m glad you raIsed the question of our cooperation and ZF, Faurecia fact for such a partnership Is very important, because only with our own company Is not able to achieve some of our vIsion.

ZF acquIsition of TRW (TRW), Is a leading Automotive safety systems company, Faurecia Is the world’s leading companies in terms of Car interiors module. We work with ZF can be said that the powerful combination of our cooperation Is to build for the future of mobile travel products.

We recently had a Car seat project: The seat can be adjusted into different modes, one of which Is relaxed mode, the entire seat Is completely dumped a position, but if we want to transform it into another mode, the seat and re-erected, it Is no exaggeration to say a few millIseconds of time can be achieved , we have actually benefited from the use of the technical level ZF modules, but also reduces costs through cooperation, can be said to achieve a one plus one equals three effect.

on cooperation there Will be big News release, maybe thIs time Will be in June and July, so now Is not convenient to provide more specific details after us, but I want to say that we the scope of the two companies Will be greatly expanded.

Q: I would like to ask the interior cockpit software development, we are how to do? Approximately how many people?

Andreas: First, we must honestly, software development Is not Faurecia traditional areas of expertIse, our strengths or interior. Of course we also have many ways to enhance our software development level, one Is close by mergers and acquIsitions, we acquired Pilot Car, and enhance the ability of software development. We in the United States acquired the Jiangxi good helper. In addition to thIs approach, of course, we have begun to recruit some of their own internal software development staff.

Faurecia There are some very strong partners, such as Accenture, the software also brings the ability for us to help us.

In fact, the future Is Faurecia cockpit as a company’s future strategic direction. The cockpit of the future of the team and Faurecia traditional business Is a cooperative relationship between the two parties as well as the cross, that software development Is not only for the future in our cabin or only for a particular business. Our software development capabilities are shared with each other.

as well as to emphasize that the Faurecia said before we Will not offer software products, but now we have it officially lIsted as Faurecia provided part of the product.

from a caterpillar to a butterfly

Q: And then I also understand that the future of the cockpit, one of the key point Is not to achieve Car electronic systems, and intelligent human-computer interaction interface and seamless integration of a system, how to understand thIs seamless integration of? Is there a future cockpit and other systems necessary for seamless integration, such as power control, and chassIs control and so on.

Andreas: The system first you say such a seamless integration of powertrain and chassIs control, the first stage in the development of Faurecia cockpit of the future Will not happen. In fact When we talk about the future of the cockpit when it Is not switched overnight, and certainly go to a phased implementation. you talk about interior and power, integration between chassIs systems, now Is already taking place.

If the unmanned achieve very precIse, we can absolutely avoid traffic accident collIsion, thIs time on the Car’s design, it Is completely different , For example, the chassIs of the Car design, we no longer need to take into account for example, to absorb the force caused by the collIsion, we do not have impact-resIstant design, if the Car Is really the future Will not encounter a traffic accident, we can consider using the new material, perhaps later you can do with a rubber Car, if it Is a case, then the future Will be completely subvert the cockpit design, such as seat designMeter, so some of the things we are now the Car there the A-pillar, B pillar, the future may not need such a design, it Is actually a process of development, when the real future of Car molding, trim Will also occur very big change.

Q: thanks to new business repairer Teng interior Is Faurecia assIst in the design of bright spots. It Is not also let the traditional OEMs attention to new technologies Faurecia?

Andreas: I think you asked thIs question very well, did see Faurecia and worship Teng made out of new products, many of the traditional Car prices have to ask us, “how do you want to come out of such a design?” “thIs research took a long time?”

of course I can not mention the name of the specific Car prices, but it does many are asking. Because you can see, thIs Is not a secret that many of us on the show have demonstrated, our entire cabin interior in a more flexible seating set, a large screen integrated into the operating panel, etc., for a number of other traditional Car business, such as Audi, certainly inspired some thinking, but the key point Is that these traditional Car prices they realized that their approach Is not like before, from generation to generation Car slowly improving little by little . From caterpillar to butterfly, such changes must be what we call a true radical transformation, in fact, the traditional Automobile enterprIses have realized thIs, they also need a new cockpit, new interior design.

talked about thIs going to talk about the relationship between Car companies and suppliers of traditional, Is completely Car prices before the final say, they are the boss, but not anymore, and now we have these Car prices Is entirely a partnership, we can equal dialogue with them, it Is to treat them as experts.

Q: cockpit to people-centered, in fact, correspond to the account system Will certainly be a subject of human exIstence behind, we have no OEMs and users for their cooperation to do the system, users understand their driving habits?

Andreas: First, thIs systemFaurecia our system Is completely developed in-house. The purpose Is through these user data, providing them with a more comfortable cabin experience, we are developing thIs solution.

Turning sensory data, for example, substantially by the sensor on the seat, as well as some cameras, we can capture a lot of data, However, thIs data we Will not turn it into a commodity, it Will not be realized – thIs Is not our purpose. Because we believe that these data do not belong to Car prices, for Faurecia Is, for example, we can perceive a lot of seats user’s personal data when the user sitting, hIs eyes head height Is tall , placed hIs hand position, all of thIs some of the data that Is to help us to adjust the seat angle.

Another example Is our cockpit can sense the state of a person’s skin, he has no sweat, maybe he went into the Car sitting Is very comfortable, but after a period of time, may be too hot, the seat Is Automatically adjusted, so in general, or our own Faurecia to develop such a solution, we can provide the solution to Car prices a, B Car prices, according to their different we can do the program requires customized.

Q: These data Will be open to Car prices do?

Andreas: the need to explore further cooperation model with Car prices. But at thIs stage, we use thIs data to create truly intelligent cockpit, our first step Is not intended to be a data provider, but think of it as a service, a business to operate. Of course, the future may talk with a different Car prices, the data we are still Faurecia own, or that we can provide it as a service to Car prices, thIs Is a problem in the future business model.

In fact, thIs Is a different business, we are doing Auto parts, most nod Is the data, the data center Is provided as a service out. From Faurecia available to Car prices, Car prices could then provide to their customers as a health service.

For example, such a start you back pain, you sit inside the CarGo, then we Will perceive, give you a massage, you finally come out, three hours on the lumbar It does not hurt anymore. It Is a different level of service and products.