Types and causes of automotive interior dirt

New Year soon came to be the Car of a friend outside the Car wash, had a comfortable New Year.

1, soil type

a water-soluble dirt are syrup, juice organic acids, salts, Blood station and vIscous liquid.

has a water-insoluble solid sediment dirt, metal powder, rust or mildew.

greasy soils are lubricants, paints products, paint, asphalt and food oil.

2, during the formation of fouling

Adhesion; dirt Will gravity in a residence or adhered on the surface of the object. When a pressure or frictional force, the dirt Will penetrate the surface of the object, it becomes difficult to remove, such as Automotive dashboard and glass dust.

penetration; beverage or water can penetrate the surface layer object, the object Is absorbed, making it difficult to remove. The door trim, after the file table, the drinks footpad.

condensation; solidified vIscous soil dries, Will be firmly attached to the surface of the object, such as light oil or dirt Automotive interior Carpet mats velor surface .