Two-drive four-wheel drive are the most recommended Elite Edition, 2020 Jeep Compass entire department Buyers guide

Speaking of Jeep vehicles, the first impression we might be wild Wrangler, Grand Cherokee may be mighty, but in fact the shuttle on the street more Jeep Is we want to talk today protagonIst, Compass.

Guide to campaign the Car has been in the United States more than a decade, the previous generation Compass on with its tough exterior, large space, Jeep powerful four-wheel drive capacity by a lot of consumers. Guide to the new generation Is currently sold 2020 models, it exterior, interior younger, more dynamic, more cool; the whole system can be equipped with an output of 173 horsepower 1.3T four-cylinder engine, power lifting at the same time, good control fuel consumption; iconic four-wheel drive system can be described as the strongest in the same level models; SUV for a home, it can basically meet the needs of consumers.

The new Jeep Compass appearance very family oriented, very family brother at first glance “Grand Cherokee” style. Seven holes iconic Jeep intake grid Will naturally appear in the guide’s body, very thick sense of power grid. The headlights are brought out many delicate feeling, smooth lines, built-in daytime running lights, gave the Jeep Compass adds a lot of flavor urban elite life.

Jeep Compass Car length 4415mm, vehicle width 1819mm, high Car 1635mm, wheelbase 2636mm, vehicle lines, sharp, looks very strong feeling that we the impression that American Cars wide big, sloppy taste.

playability on the Jeep Compass appearance Will be relatively large, you little modification, it Will give you show a completely different taste. When it Is in a prime vehicle state, it might be an American urban SUV. But you give it on the roof rack, front rear plus give it a trailer hook, put it to off-road tires. It Will take off like a suit put on hiking shoes, like, immediately give you an indomitable, AmIstad wild state.

packet can shuttle the steel jungle polite, mud and sand can break WuRunning away, the appearance Jeep Compass can be said to be a face, a variety of styles. Not only to meet the city’s daily life, but also occasionally cater to what their inner little beast.

The new Jeep Compass also launched a special color version of Nighthawk, seven holes of the front face of the air intake grid Is also used cool black style, the hub also uses 18-inch diamond-cut cool black wheels, as well as exclusive Nighthawk logo, consumers want different, you want to highlight the personality Is also a very good choice.

Interior Jeep Compass also quite family oriented, on a variety of Jeep models can see thIs design.

thick steering wheel, the transmIssion lever thick, various physical buttons, knobs also greatly done, the interior Is also Jeep Compass American , practical, easy to use, but also with a bit of luxury.

Jeep Compass latest entertainment system can simultaneously support Apple Carplay and Baidu Carlife, whether you are iPhone users or Android phone users can easily use mobile phones connected to the vehicle computer.

thanks to 2636mm wheelbase, JEEP guide’s front and rear have relatively ample seating space. Daily commuting overemphasized, the occasional family trips it can rIse to the occasion.

Jeep Compass has good trunk space, and the third row of seats can also be scaled down 4-2-4, and the use of space divIsion It Will be quite flexible. You can recline alone middle rear seat back seat trunk pick up items, you can also rear seat two people, one side of the seat to recline separate Carrier compare large objects. Of course, if people do not take the back seat all put down, transport refrigerators, washing machines thIs large are alone.

Current Jeep Compass full lines were used in four-cylinder turbo engine 1.3T, the engine dIsplacement, although notLarge, but can output 173 horsepower, vehicle weight and size for thIs guide are concerned, the power completely sufficient. ThIs innovation has multiple engine, electric supercharger turbine respective purge valve allows faster, lower emIssions; opposing inner cylinder fuel injection technology allows higher combustion efficiency; a variable dIsplacement oil pump can be realized the oil supply-demand, improve the overall economy; integrated exhaust manifold cylinder head can be quickly warmed up, warm winter come quickly; crankshaft / pIston biasing techniques to optimize NVH, reduce noIse. Multiple Black & blessing, let thIs not only fully meet the country’s six engine emIssion standards, but also in the realization of a low-emIssion power feel pretty good.

Speaking of Jeep, many people Will immediately think of off-road, four-wheel drive. Even in thIs guide are urban SUV, Jeep also gave it equipped with a powerful four-wheel drive capability.

Jeep Compass Is equipped with a brand of intelligent four-wheel drive system can be said to have the strongest of all traffic at the same level models. It Is equipped with intelligent Active Drive wheel drive system, it Is possible 4×4 = 17 under different circumstances, seamless switching four-wheel drive, to protect the driver feel at ease. It also has optional Selec-terrain system traffic patterns, five different driving modes in a traffic key adjustment, not only the professional capability, there Is a considerable ease of use.

Further, Jeep Compass also prepared Trailhawk road enthusiasts Ultimate high performance four-wheel drive, it has a gap of 199mm from the ground, and the approach angle 31 ° and 32 ° departure angle, equipped with Active Drive Low intelligent four-wheel drive system, can achieve 20: 1 maximum climbing, can be said that the final version of the guide’s.

Jeep Compass Is a well-balanced Car, it looks interiors have a great American Car style, powerful, four-wheel drive system windy at the same level. Whether urban commuting or weekend go wild, it can do the job.

Jeep Compass in the sale are seven models, all using 1.3T engines, two drive-5 models use a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox,2 models use four-wheel type 9AT manual gearbox. Below we take a look at what the characterIstics of these models are configured, for what kind of consumer groups.

220T Automatic comfort version guide price: 155 800

Recommendation: ★★★★

entry-level models equipped with Automatic comfort version Is not too low, 17-inch alloy wheels, front airbags, ESP, leather steering wheel, support Carplay 7-inch big screen in the control, multifunction steering wheel, LED daytime running lights, rear air conditioning vent, PM2.5 filter function, except there Is no before and after radar images and reversing these more convenient than post-installation configuration, it deals with daily household use enough, and it Will not seem shabby.

220T Automatic version of the leading guide price: 162 800

Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆

Automatically lead Edition adds comfort than the entry version Is priced 7,000 yuan, an increase of configuration reverse image, panoramic sunroof, keyless start, keyless entry, rear-view mirror also increases the electric heating. These configurations are basically everyday use when driving, relatively speaking, ease of daily use thIs version Will be higher, the price did not increase too much, if the budget Is not too tight, thIs version of the relatively higher cost.

220T Automatic Elite guide price: 172 800

Recommendation: ★★★★★

Auto elite Edition Is $ 10,000 more expensive than the leading version, thIs 10,000 yuan in exchange for what kind of upgrade you can do? It many passive safety performance, increases the front side airbags, front and rear head airbags, Rear radar, cruIse control, leather steering wheel 7-inch LCD meter, leather seats, dual zone Automatic air conditioning. Upgrade configuration includes a number of security configuration Is not installed, and some comfort configuration can be retrofitted late. It Will cost version with Automatic Wyatt enjoy a similar, if more attention on security spend 10,000 to buy thIs elite version, if that Is good enough that double-balloon leading version can save money Is not bad. Personally I feel that if the budget Is not so tight, secure point better, thIs model Is also a two-drive version of the most recommended.

220T Automatic version Nighthawk guide price: 175 800

Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆

Nighthawk version Is based on the elite Edition to create models, it’s exactly the same configuration with the elite Edition but increasing the appearance of sports kit, wheel upgrade to 18-inch black version looks more handsome. If you want to personalize the appearance of some of the election it Is right up. If you pay more attention to cost-effective, it can still save to buy Elite Edition of 3000.

220T Automatic Deluxe Edition guide price: 189 800

Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆

a higher level of 220T Automatic Deluxe Edition price reached 189,800, 17,000 yuan more expensive than the previous elite Edition. It Is what kind of configuration upgrade it? First, it Is the hub upgrade to 18-inch models, vIsual effects better. Second, it increases the electric trunk with remote start function, the main driving seat also electrically adjustable and heated, the control panel adds GPS navigation functionality and can support Car networking and remote OTA upgrade. ALPINE Alpine sound upgrade to a 9 speaker system, upgrade headlight xenon light source, increasing the Automatic headlight function. ThIs model Is a guide to those two drive-top dIstribution, adds a number of comfort features, if the budget Is sufficient, it basically do not have to buy any additional equipment, can be very comfortable in the Car.

220T Automatic four-wheel drive Elite guide price: 195 800

Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆

elite four-wheel drive elite version Is more expensive than two drives of 23,000 yuan, the price difference includes remote start function, Car networking and OTA remote upgrade capabilities, and the remaining two-drive system Is upgraded to the price of a four-wheel drive system. Four-wheel drive system Is the housekeeping of the JEEP treasure, even on domestic SUV it also has quite a good performance. Four-wheel drive version with two-drive version of the key Is to see how to select individual needs, if city vehicles often have rain, snow and other slippery road conditions, if often go out of the city’s demand for non-paved road, then JEEP four-wheel drive can be trusted s Choice. Without these requirements, there Is no need to waste the money.

220T Automatic four-wheel drive high-performance Ultimate guide price: 229 800

Recommendation Index: ★ ★★★

with a top of the entire system Is Automatic four-wheel drive high performance Ultimate, the price expensive than 24,000 yuan AWD elite. As previously described above, it reinforces the off-road characterIstics. While increasing the front radar, ACC adaptive cruIse and auxiliary lines, lane departure warning, driver assIstance functions such as active braking, long dIstances, would be more worry and effort go a long time closed roads. It also adds Automatic parking, Hill Descent, Power Trunk, the main power-adjustable passenger seat, heated front seats, Automatic headlights GPS navigation, Beats brand nine-speaker audio, xenon light source, rear privacy glass, Automatic wipers and other configurations. Various configurations are very complete, and the price Is a little expensive. 7 models 2020 paragraph

Throughout the Jeep Compass, both four-wheel drive or two drives, Elite undoubtedly the best value, the most recommended s Choice. Because of thIs, Jeep was based on it to launch a version of Nighthawk version of thIs personalization. The current market dIscount rate Jeep Compass Is not small, it Is time to buy a good shot. Whether it Is more biased in favor of urban life two drive version, still has a good off-road capability of four-wheel drive version, select it, Jeep fingerSouth’s performance Will not let you down.