TurkIsh artIsans collect 100,000 abandoned car parts to create amazing animal sculptures

to ask what the world’s most incredible, what Is the biggest, it Is undoubtedly the brain hole. Not impossible, just think! Today small to introduce the TurkIsh craftsmen who, with a look to see fast!

Turkey’s Hatay province reyhanlı, local artIsans Mervan Altinorak to create a stunning sculptures with abandoned Cars and motorcycles.

Mervan from different Cars, trucks, vans, tractors and motorcycles and other vehicles abandoned altar identified a total of 100,000 spare parts, within a year completed reindeer, flamingos, dogs, turtles and peacock sculpture, lifelike amazing.

Mervan Altinorak peacock tail feathers are for the final welding, in hIs infinite cave brain and hands, a lifelike animals show in front of everyone .

In the absence presents the works of the past, many people may not think thIs can create. But even if he gave us the brain open hole open thIs precedent, but who wants to be imitation or difficult to imitate, which requires not only the ultimate in creativity, as well as related design, aesthetics, engineering and so on experience knowledge of the job. A seemingly simple works brought together how much effort may be people he knows thIs.

Mervan Altinorak ongoing maintenance for hIs iron pet, here had to admire hIs ingenuity!

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