Toyota Volkswagen hit in the face? The safety of crash site, they are not to blame blame

Although the general public in the country less with such acts do not appreciate, but I have always been very good impression Passat, generous space, better sound insulation, plenty of power and a solid chassIs, it Is widely we welcome the reason, I like thIs Car, because the old Passat has won the title of the quality of the most reliable models, far more than other brands of B-class Car, however, the new Passat does not seem to inherit thIs legacy.

In the study Paul’s recent crash tests, the Volkswagen Passat with sCared out of the safety of passers-chin, become all involved in the testing of the joint venture vehicle, the worst performance of a front crash test performed by 25%, VW Passat a-pillar direct there was a serious dIstortion, almost breaking even appearance, in addition to the lack of rigidity and toughness of the a-pillar, the bumper beam and no play good protection to, resulting in hate firewall directly into the cockpit, serious pressure on the lower limb of the test dummy.

The airbag performance Is very worrying, Is not open in the crash Volkswagen Passat side airbag, and front airbags in the pop-up, even completely avoid the dummy head and chest key to severe unilateral flying angle to one side, resulting in the dummy head impinges directly on the dashboard and other hard objects, the final score Is the result of a front collIsion of 25% P (poor), passenger Car safety index level M (general), crashworthiness and maintenance economy index rating of A (good), vehicle safety and vehicle auxiliary layman safety index of G (excellent).

appears to have been mixed, but on the composite score of view, the Passat Is the evaluation of the vehicle, one of the worst security models, then the sound of the Passat questioned everywhere, but the face of objective reality, and some even say that it Is the public did not give in research Paul recharge, so malicious smear, and please, in research Paul Is behind several large insurance companies really Care about one Car firms that little recharge? True enough people stick to your teeth.

while the other side, has been considered the poor security of the Toyota Camry has won, in a more outstanding achievements stand out, 25% of the crash, although the front also severely damaged, but the A-pillar intact, airbagEject in time and in the correct position, the cabin remains intact after the crash test dummy has been fully protected, the results far exceeded the Volkswagen Passat, then, in thIs test, the Japanese fans began cheering, the excitement believe Toyota hit the public’s face.

feelings of the fans that we do not dIspute depth dIscussion, but the so-called Volkswagen Toyota hit in the face, to see the collapse of the security of the site, Is the public themselves who can blame got to blame, U.S.’s industrial production standards rIsing in recent years, it contains most of the Japanese Cars, including Car prices, also constantly upgrade their vehicle safety, thIs time the Toyota Camry, as well as Honda Accord several serious Car accident, the Car owners and passengers did not suffer serious injuries, are proof of the safety of Japanese Cars Is rIsing in.

and the high hopes of people Volkswagen Passat, but failed to produce a respondents as one of the best-selling B-Class, Volkswagen Passat only 11 thIs year May it sold 167,488 units, total sales hIstory Is no dIspute champion model, and now such a fool safety of domestic consumers, which Is not a good reflection of?