Toyota seven years on the wagon home have a good performance, driving experience how it

For a sport utility market, family-based play products, 7-seater, the space Is naturally meet the basic requirements of consumer demand or not. Whether WIsh really meet the needs of the consumer market? Test group after repeated tests, give it a definite answer.

a good use of space

whether or Car grid space, WIsh doubt the most direct competitor than the smaller one yards, and 7-seater chair design, but also the center aIsle sundial version WIsh designed to make sacrifices. In some ways thIs seems to be a weakness. But in practical terms, WIsh and did not deliberately pulled the roof space, so even leaving the central aIsle design, nor nearly 2 meters high there Will be a large SUV Car Is more convenient in use. The rear seats intact, then let WIsh more intense in functionality to replace the Car, convenient Carrying five seat design for use in terms of everyday life Will be more practical and convenient. Coupled with the Car not far from the body, it can help attract traditional consumer preferences shift. To choose the design point of view, quite consIstent set of market needs.

Although there Is no central aIsle, row 2 can take full convenience of three people, let WIsh easier to attract traditional Car consumers. While the dual skylight design, but also the whole vehicle interior brightened up. Unfortunately, space constraints, only the front seat Is mounted on a manual push skylight.

free change of rear seat space

As for the Car-type SUV’s consumers, in addition to Car-type SUV comparIson ride comfort space, the multi-functional seat change Is also of concern to the consumer market. For modern life, two-day weekend event schedule has been the focus of life. Whether to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leIsurely day, or go to crowded malls, purchase supplies needed to live, have become part of modern life. Whether it Is necessary for mountains to the sea required a lot of equipment or supplies the majority of space, are considered one type of Car consumers buy SUV’s.

-performanceGPS system

in the WIsh of the vehicle interior space, in addition to the rich change seats, climate control air conditioning and only large the LCD dIsplay screen sizes in the center console. For Toyota test driver familiar with the product group, originally thought that thIs group of LCD past VCD products and systems used in the same Cars. I know that after Careful play, but thIs one Is very demanding. Toyota Cars are equipped with the past, it Is the VCD entertainment system provided by Panasonic.

and the launch of the product, it Is by Toyota and the world’s fifth-Carts with plant components of the Denso and Fujitsu to jointly develop, market demand for products designed to integrate the basic stereo, DVD player, MP3 player, satellite navigation and other functions, provide a full range of information services. The complete its function, so that a fresh test group, and control the reaction, the two tied WIsh essence, make endless praIse throughout the test group.

in the process of long-dIstance test drive, to contact the first test group, new satellite navigation system Is a natural development. Over the years the original depot used with various satellite navigation system, the set of satellite navigation Toyota’s performance can be said to be fast and accurate, the highest in the original production with all products. Satellite navigation boom in the market appeared in 2000, the E-Map from Ford to NIssan’s Navi, a drum gas sizzling heat of the market.

but limited computing power system Is weak, and the development of regional map data Is not complete, practical navigation system failed to meet the requirements of consumers, making the related system were praIsed, sales doldrums, original GPS it into the Lenggong, Is no longer a spindle on marketing. Meanwhile, some Cars or GPS to match the way the introduction of Teshi models, but the market has also seen enthusiastic response.

intuitive interface, using thIs GPS system that Will not be difficult. All functions, image, or just press the button on the touch screen, can easily control. In the complex sections, more three-dimensional bird’s-eye view and detailed street maps, driving without a chance to make the wrong. At the start route guidance, but also time and mileage compare driving style, very intimate. The pathFast retrieval speed Is also impressive.

four years later, a major shift in time and space environment, GPS positioning system to enhance the accuracy, completeness map information, significantly enhance the energy system operation, mature subjective and objective environment, making thIs the mounted on WIsh GPS system, to test the group’s leap in the use of sensory experience. When we set up a single destination, the system almost without delay, to calculate the fast path to the desired speed guided, more than all the systems have been used.

when the test group with follow indication, the system also in accordance with the correction constant, showing the screen Is very smooth, there Is no delay phenomenon, in 16: 9 on the LCD screen, provide a good route guidance and the dIsplay of the firmware also well-written, so that the appearance of fonts and lines very clear, not only enjoyable, can enhance reading efficiency, impressive. And thIs system Is used by touch screen, under the guidance of the fine function keys, the interface Is very intuitive to use, anyone can easily get started in a short time, there Is no question of barriers to learning, not the past pile of complex system of keys, and no longer need to find it accidentally slipped the remote control under the seat.

The map data used in great detail, the force produced by Zenrin well-known map manufacturers DELTRON to DVD as a medium, and thus able to provide the most detailed information, provide the most complete instructions in the journey. ThIs map information, in addition to the country lanes also have a complete record, in a complex exchange lane highway, there are also clear 3D dIsplay, even if the total Is complex Chungkang interchange, or stereo system interchange, the system can Chu light and precIse planning of the travel lane line.

Is set and clear voice guidance, traffic Will always appear before the occurrence timely guidance, it Will be at the toll station 2 km, 1 km on the highway are sounding alerts that allow you to drive in response, very intimate. Under the detailed GPS guidance system, a trade group no chance of getting lost, smooth all the way to their destination, be very fun. Even on the road test group deviate from malicious way, the system Will instantly calculate the path of an alternative road almost, seamless set of guidelines for commIssioning Avenue destination of another one arrived, smart brIsk reaction, the amazingEndless.

full of attractions / facilities repository additional full service prompts tour / keeping a Car does not worry

destination search function Is very convenient, you can use touch screen according to the type of facility, adminIstrative and phonetic symbols, find the destination, or directly using the telephone number search, you can find detailed information on its database of. Of course, each repair station information Is also readily available. More intimate Is that the system can set a variety of maintenance time and mileage, time to pop up notification window, so that owners Will not forget maintenance. In addition to guiding the path functions, the system also integrates the functions of maintenance services, system and computer synchronization mileage receiving information from the vehicle Is traveling, it can be reached in a fixed time or fixed mileage, when you start to jump out to remind screen, so that owners can Carry out maintenance on time for the Car. The GPS system has also been built within all dealers geographic information, and the important sights can use the same phone number, address inquiries, and track line set path, people bring the Car quite convenient.

e era owners are required to MP3

leap GPS system, although the test group to bring quite a lot of appreciation, but the system multimedia features, Is to let the surprIse test group. In the 16: 9 screen behind the LCD, the installation Is monolithic slot-loading DVD player, in addition to allowing users in the vehicle interior, high-definition video playback, lift the journey boredom, the coolest Is , the system supports burning to DVD as a Carrier sheet to play MP3 files. Sided single-layer sheet prior to burning capacity of 4.7GB, the file size Is generally 5 minutes tracks approximately 4.5MB of view, a thin sheet DVD burning, Will be loaded 100 albums, songs 1000, 5000 hours music, lIsten for the Car occupants consecutive month Will not be repeated, for the love of music consumers, it can be said Is a big gospel, no longer need to travel far with a lot of CD, occupy luggage space, but also worry about scratching the CD.

Is a single player function does not make the test group so excited, the most attractive test group, thIs MP3 Is a user interface system. The system in the management of MP3 files, folder support system as well as the textSet to facilitate the users to manage their own MP3 files. The system can be dIsplayed on the screen name of an exIsting folder, allowing users to choose, tap the touch screen “FILE” button, you can enter the track menu, then click on the desired track can be played. The user can also select “TITLE” at any time, to dIsplay detailed information about the track being played, very convenient. Its interface design, even more than the average MP3 player, impressive. Unfortunately, the culture system having some problems in your tracks, the Chinese can not dIsplay the correct information in the TITLE screen. However, after the reaction to dIstributor, dIstributor said that thIs Issue has begun to improve, Will solve thIs problem in the short term.