Toyota concept car stunning debut: 1000KM life + + seats rotate through screen, full sense of the future

give you about today Is the new energy vehicles, because now we all know that air quality deteriorated, seriously affecting people’s health, environmental thorough investigation of major efforts since last year, a lot of factories were closed, including restricting the number of Cars Is also frequently as a major cause of vehicle exhaust also affecting air quality, so sales of new energy vehicles getting better and better, and new energy vehicles Is known as the Car of the future. Now Car market in rapid development, the dazzling variety of new vehicles, and now for the people of Automobiles are increasingly high, not only to shape bright side, but also the dIstribution of new, adequate power, then as and-coming new energy vehicles in the manufacturing can meet the needs of today’s young people for the Car yet.

In fact, strictly speaking, only the new energy on the engine has been adjusted, the appearance of the configuration, for Automobile manufacturing mature brand Is simply not a difficult thing, so that we do not have to worry about, especially like some of the peculiar form of models for people who can relax a bit, and then for new energy vehicles, it Is best to consider the Issue of charging, since the charging device has not so construction of gas stations perfect, so many people still hold a wait and see status.

However, new energy vehicles Will not sit still, are working hard to improve the life of the vehicle problem, as thIs new energy today small to introduce Car, its battery life Is said to reach 1000KM, the two Cars are Toyota’s Fine-Comfortride, the Toyota brand we should all be very familiar with, as a mature Automobile manufacturers, we still have faith in it.

Then you look from start to tell you, because he Is still part of a concept Car, so from the picture point of view, the first impression thIs Is part four wheels really special, all prominent to the outside of the body, it’s really special atmosphere to the extreme, its front face seems short fine, although inverted triangle set of angular headlights but does not sharp, plus a little concave front lip, but a kind of small lovely feeling.

to a sideSee, if the whole window and the roof Is covered with a large piece of glass in the vehicle body, giving a vIsual impact, a large waIst lines extend only between two, coupled with such a unique wheel, highlights the layering of the entire body, and the tail section are the same as some completely rounded, but not bulky, and taillight design echoes the front face Is, the overall look gives the impression that comfortable.

It Is a long size body width 4830mm 1950mm 1650mm high, even up to its wheelbase 3450mm, while the length of view, Is not good, but we can see its short front, so, space Is nothing to worry about the Car, and thIs Car Is designed to seat six, and have to say that the first row of the second row of seats there It Is entirely their own independence, but also free to rotate, imagine sitting in thIs Car, certainly not a good flavor.

Interior also present design never seen, throughout the entire screen in the control panel in front of the cabin-like steering wheel, instrument panel Is also very personality, sitting in thIs Car really Will be a kind of feeling into the future.

Finally, look at its power section, thIs new energy vehicles Toyota uses a hydrogen fuel cell powered Toyota family proud, when after one-time fills hydrogen fuel, its battery life up to 1000KM, and thIs fills the process takes only five minutes, so that the energy of thIs new Car Is no need to worry about charging Issues.