too talented! The father use car parts, 3-year-old daughter to create the most magical gift

There are many characterIstics of bed to bring a smile to children’s faces. There are bunk beds, looks like a castle, with two beds, looks like a sports Car. Anyone can go to the store or online shopping. However, a father to use hIs spare Car parts and artIstic abilities to create something different – public bus bed. HIs daughter Is about three years old, so the father bumper, wheel covers and headlight built a daughter he knew would fall in love with transitional beds. Thus began …


using a metal frame bunk beds.

Is a bus standard wood.

To form a timber body mass Is built to the bus.

bunk bed frame Is placed around a real bumper.

Is added to the gate in the bed.

thIs awesome dad then add the start of a paint job.

He even added a wheel with a true Volkswagen wheel cover.

traditional public bus paint job.

Working headlights added to obtain the effect of cool.

was then added to the dashboard with a real steering wheel and the instrument.

Check attention to detail.

inside Is coated with a very stylIsh design.

ThIs Is the final product in the bedroom.

VW bus with bunk beds and even parked in the driveway, to show its full effect.