Throughout the hIstory of automobile development, electric vehicles, Why it Is difficult to spread?

Hello everybody, I am Ah ape. Electric vehicles in recent years as the domestic Auto market favorite, has been the concern of many consumers. Although there are many factors that influence the policy of thIs situation, it Is undeniable that an electric Car has very good prospects for development, Why it Is difficult to popularize electric vehicles? Today we’ll chat with thIs problem. Prior to thIs we may wIsh to use two minutes to look at the hIstory of the Automotive industry.

between the 18th and 19th centuries it Is a very important period of time in human hIstory, during which the birth of countless great inventor. As early as 1769, the French would create a three-wheeled Car with steam as the driving force, we all know, Is very cumbersome and inefficient steam engine, but at the time it has been very great. ThIs Car travel Is very troublesome, and often stop adding coal to the boiler, and just 4 km / h per hour, a great noIse, and because coal Is the reason there Is still a serious air pollution.

Later, Karl Benz in 1885 made the world’s first internal combustion engine assembly of a modern Automobile, gasoline-powered combustion, we have now passed away a hundred and thirty years. After thIs hundred years of development, the Car gradually evolved an important and indIspensable part of modern human life has become, to our travel brings great convenience.

Many people think that the electric Car was invented after the internal combustion engine Is in the Car, in fact, the electric Car than we fuel Cars appeared earlier, in 1832 to 1839 in between, the first electric Car to be manufactured Americans Anderson came out, but then the battery electric vehicle uses a dIsposable. Thus, the hIstory of the electric Car Is longer than internal combustion engine vehicles.

As we all know, gasoline non-renewable energy, but it can be regenerated electricity, so electric vehicles Is relatively internal combustion engine vehicles for sustainable development, not only It Is more environmentally friendly, but also relatively more muted compared to internal combustion engines have many advantages, Why the popularity of electric vehicles Is far better than internal combustion engine vehicles it?

SpeakingThe development of basic science end or limit the popularity of electric vehicles, gas stations everywhere, so that we can be very simple and very quick access to gasoline, the popularity of electric Cars need to be more lightweight, recyclable, high energy density batteries, more simply, more efficient charging methods, these problems until now has not a very good solution, not solve these problems, the electric Car too much difference in internal combustion engine vehicles on convenience.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, more convenience, the Car Is equipped with more and more electronic devices, big data, artificial intelligence 5G development and R & D applications, so that the Autopilot Is no longer elusive, Will soon be coming to us. Wind power, solar power and other clean energy sources are constantly develop and grow, electric vehicles dIsadvantage compared to internal combustion engine vehicles in a little decrease, the electric vehicle industry Will usher in an important development opportunity.

with the popular concept of sustainable development, we are also increasing emphasIs on the natural environment. From the entire hIstory of the development of the Automotive industry view, electric Cars Will eventually become the best choice for our trip, contrast, internal combustion engine vehicles Is more like compromIses we make for convenience.

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