Three global super-luxury cars, money can not buy, you must sell it as noble

world there are so very rare, work very well, also representing the world’s top luxury Car repairer process, ultra running, are not just rich people see it sell, like Chanel Will spend money to help some of doubtful reputation stars do not use their products, the world’s top ultra-luxury Cars, luxury Cars, superCar Will Automatically exclude some customers. ThIs Is what the world’s three luxury Cars, Is to ask the owner must have a noble identity, Will sell them. The first

: Farah Leila law, the Car Is the world’s limited edition models, the official guide price Is 22.5 million units, instead of the flagship Enzo Ferrari Is the old section of the superCar, the Car pull the wind shape extreme, Ferrari red paint Yan and two compartment pure black Car glass, can highlight the Car’s excellent and super luxury Car range.

used Car market Car price Is 37.88 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) to a maximum of 66.6 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), we can say who Is eligible to buy a Car, then the first loan to buy under the Car, and then reselling to other tycoons, lying can earn a minimum of 15 million, which can be a really good business. But Ferrari regulations, you want to buy thIs ultra-running world’s limited 499 units, the owner must have to have a Ferrari V8, V12 models prior to, but also have to have a limited edition, version of the track, in addition to some gang or drug traffickers molecules, also did not sell them.

second paragraph: Rolls-Royce Yao shadow

new Car price guide Is only 4.77 million Rolls Les Yao Ying, but you are in the used Car market, the need to increase at least one million, so we can buy a super luxury Car, so really Is a quite incomprehensible thing, Is not it more and more Cars not worth it? Not getting devalued it? But thIs Car Is not the same.

As a door on top of the super luxury Car, the price Is indeed Yao shadow Is only a fraction above Rafa Is not to, but the Car but has a thick stocky shape, the identity of the BritIsh royal family Queen Car, I want to buy a Car, according to Rolls-Royce official rules, must be the various sectors of the community leaders.

extravagant Car interior, the Car has also become a collection-level luxury Car.

the third paragraph: Benz Maybach S600 pullman super bulletproof luxury Car

6.5 meters in body length, the Car in the US market turned out to be as a wedding Car use, but in Russia and other countries, but it Is the president’s Car, because it Is a bullet-proof Car Well Car worth more than 10 million Mercedes S600 Pullman wheelbase of 4.42 meters, the Car glass thickness of 8cm, can withstand a variety of machine guns and artillery attacks, can also fire.

regarded as the most expensive Mercedes-Benz Car, Mercedes-Benz Car to buy provIsions must be world leaders or celebrities, Mexican drug traffickers are determined not to sell the Car 4 VIP can name at the back in pairs, so the cabin interior layout, very dIstinctive, but also bulletproof version of the Mercedes-Benz luxury Cars Pullman tradition. The Car used in the Mercedes engine Is the most powerful, V12 twin-turbo engine the maximum peak torque Is 830 Nm, maximum 523 horsepower, one hundred kilometers acceleration time shortened to 10 seconds, to know the Car weighing 5.6 tons .

Car prices, Why can not money eyes on sale? The most important Is the Car itself these limits, the yield Is very rare, worry about selling, it Is naturally possible to enhance the overall brand image, so Why sell to people who are unknown or infamous it?